US China Trade tension

China ’s Ministry of Finance announced on November 27 that it had issued US $ 6 billion of unrated sovereign bonds in Hong Kong, and the subscription response was very good. The US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) reported on November 29 that foreign investors ignored the tension in trade relations between the two countries and continued to invest in China.

The yield on global national debt is still very low, but according to the Ministry of Finance of China, investors have responded very well to the largest dollar bond issue in China’s history, with an order size of 3.6 times the issue amount.

Frank Zheng, head of Huaxia Fund’s International Fixed Income Department, received a CNBC telephone interview in Mandarin on November 28. The latter translated the interview into English. The report quoted him as saying: “We still have many investors who have confidence in investing in China.” The report also pointed out that foreign funds are still betting on China, regardless of the slowdown of China’s economic growth, or the tension between China-US trade negotiations.

Li Chao, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, pointed out at the end of November that foreign capital has continued to flow into China’s stock and bond markets, of which more than 240 billion yuan has flowed into the stock market, showing the confidence of international investors in China’s capital market reform and long-term healthy economic development.


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