China and the United States are preparing for the first phase of the trade agreement. The US President stated on December 21 that the two countries will soon sign the agreement.

US President Donald Trump spoke at an event in Florida on December 21, saying that the United States and China have made a breakthrough in the trade agreement and will soon sign the agreement.

Trump also said that he had a phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the 20th. He also emphasized that Beijing has started buying billions of dollars in agricultural products from American farmers.

The China-US trade war lasted for more than a year, and both countries announced on December 13 that they had reached the first phase of a trade agreement. The United States also revealed that the two countries will officially sign the agreement in the first week of January 2020, and the agreement will be signed by ministerial officials of the two countries.

On December 20, Xi Jinping spoke with Trump and also talked about the first phase of the trade agreement. Trump wrote on Twitter the same day: “We had a good conversation with Chinese President Xi on our major trade agreement. China has begun large-scale procurement of agricultural products and more. Arrangements are being made for formal signing. It also talked about North Korea, We are working with China and Hong Kong (in progress!) “


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