British Royal Family

In honor of the beginning of the new era, the British royal family released a group photo of Queen Elizabeth II and three heirs at Buckingham Palace on the evening of January 3. Prince George’s smile was a little naughty. He is so tall that he no longer needs to stand on the box when taking pictures.

In the photo, the 93-year-old Queen of England and 6-year-old Prince George are standing in the front row. She is wearing a white dress and a black handbag with a signature in her left hand. The little prince of “Government Bones” stood to her right, her smile was a little mischievous; Prince Charles and Prince William stood in the back row, with his right hand warmly resting on his grandson On the shoulder.

The Queen ’s first “Four Generations” photo was released in April 2016, when George, who was more than two years old, had to stand on a blue-black box. During the period between the two photos, the little prince grew taller.

Like the April 2016 photo, this photo was also shot by photographer Ranald Mackechnie. The 2016 one was taken to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Queen of England, and a four-generation royal commemorative stamp was also issued. The post office made the portraiture of the four people in the photo into four designs of commemorative stamps.


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