Prince Harry and Meghan of the United Kingdom dropped a “shock bomb” on January 8th, announced the removal of their status as members of the royal family and strived for financial independence. The couple pointed out that under the current system, the two could not earn their own income, so they decided to give up accepting the Sovereign Grant in exchange for more freedom. But even without this grant, it is estimated that the two can earn millions of pounds a year in the future.

£ 5.5 million in annual bag from Crown Prince

Harry and Meghan explain future plans through the website. They point out that the Duke of Sussex and Duchess’ office currently spends 5% of its money on queen grants and another 95% of it on the territory of the Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles Duchy of Cornwall).

Under the Sovereign Grant Act, the Queen supports royal work by giving up royal income from real estate in exchange for government funding. In the 2019-20 financial year, the Queen’s appropriation amounted to 82.4 million pounds, and the two William Harry brothers are estimated to have received a total of 5 million pounds. The two brothers William and Harry also claimed a total of 3.16 million pounds of “unofficial expenses” at the same time. Harry also used the Queen’s grant last year to renovate his new home, Frogmore Cottage, at a cost of £ 2.4 million.

The Duke of Cornwall Territory provides Charles with 21 million pounds of income each year for expenses of Charles, children and family of Charles and charity work. It was alleged that Charles issued 4.9 million pounds to the brothers William Harry last year. The Harry couple have not stated that they will give up the income.

It is believed that William’s income is slightly more than Harry’s, and it is estimated that Harry currently earns about £ 5.5 million per year. However, even if the Harry couples no longer accept the Queen’s grant, it does not mean that the royal family will spend less on taxpayers, because the total amount of funding is still calculated. Some people also believe that the income of the Duke of Cornwall territory is also a public asset.

Harry and Meghan will continue to live in the Moorish Palace. Security services continue to be provided by the London Police, authorised by the Home Office.

Net worth of 34 million pounds can be dropped in the future “True Real Silver”

It is estimated that the assets of the Harry couple reached 34 million pounds. Among them, Harry has nearly £ 30 million in assets, including more than 20 million pounds inherited from mother Princess Diana, and about 7 million pounds inherited from Queen Mother Queen Elizabeth. Meghan has £ 4 million, including a pay of £ 40,000 per episode for the American drama Suits.

How will the two make money to support their families after losing part of their income? Although Meghan is unlikely to return to the acting career, because the two are well-known in Europe and North America, they are likely to be invited to attend different events and earn generous rewards. The world’s top speakers can ask for up to £ 380,000 per lecture.

Harry and his wife recently registered trademarks for the Duke and Sussex brandsIn the future, the commodity market may be developed. Before her relationship with Harry, Meghan had a personal blog and brought her £ 61,000 in revenue a year. If reopened, or one of the sources of generous income.

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