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Australia, Japan and other more confirmed cases, South Korea calls for evacuation

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There have been many cases of “Wuhan pneumonia” caused by the new coronavirus around the world. The latest confirmed cases occurred in Japan, Australia, Malaysia and other places on January 25. Among them, one new case appeared in Japan, which has increased the number of local cases. To 3 cases.

Both Australia and the United States have raised travel warnings for Hubei Province in China, and South Korea has raised the warning to “Proposed Evacuation”. This article will continue to update the news of the epidemic situation in various places.

South Korea: 2 confirmed cases

On January 25, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs raised the warning level for tourism safety in Hubei Province, China, from “cautious travel” with a level 2 yellow warning to “suggested evacuation” with a level 3 red warning. For urgent business, you should evacuate as soon as possible, and call on citizens who plan to travel to the local area to cancel or delay the trip.

Korean Center for Disease Control (KCDC) January 24. A second pneumonia case of a novel coronavirus infection was confirmed locally.

Australia: 4 confirmed cases

Australia announced on the afternoon of January 25 that there were three confirmed cases in New South Wales, bringing the total number of cases across the country to four. The new cases were men, aged 53, 43, and 35. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that all three had recently returned from Wuhan and were currently receiving isolation treatment. Local officials said four other suspected cases were yet to be verified.

The first confirmed case was confirmed earlier in the same day in Australia. The patient was a Chinese man in his 50s. The local foreign ministry issued a top tourist warning to Hubei Province, China, calling on its citizens not to travel to Hubei Province.

Japan: 3 confirmed cases

Japan ’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare confirmed the country ’s third confirmed Wuhan pneumonia case on January 25. Department says infected woman is about 30 years old, Lives in Wuhan, China. She arrived in Japan for tourism on the 18th.

She developed fever and cough soon after entering the country. She was diagnosed as a case of “Wuhan pneumonia” caused by a new coronavirus on the 25th. She had no symptoms when she entered the country. She had a fever and cough on the evening of the 21st. She went to a medical institution in Tokyo on the 23rd and was diagnosed with a Wuhan coronavirus caused by the new coronavirus on the 25th.

According to her, she has not been to the seafood market in Wuhan. Authorities have not found any contact with her patients in China. In addition, she claims to have worn a mask during her past operations.

Previously the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare stated on January 24The second confirmed case appeared locally. The patient was a 40-year-old man from Wuhan who had visited Tokyo before being hospitalized for observation.

Local Ministry of Foreign Affairs raises alert level for infectious disease dangers in Hubei Province, China (the capital is Wuhan), Raised to level 3, that is, nationals are advised not to go.

United States: 2 confirmed cases

U.S. health officials announce January 24There was a second confirmed case in the country. The patient was a woman in her 60s. She had visited Wuhan, China in late December and returned to the United States on January 13. U.S. State Department promotes to Hubei Province, ChinaThe tourist warning to the highest level 4 urged people not to travel to Hubei Province.

Malaysia: 3 confirmed cases

Malaysian Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad announced on January 25 that the first three new cases of the new coronavirus were recorded locally and that they were the family members of the first male patient diagnosed in Singapore earlier.

Zukifir Ahmed said the three patients were a 65-year-old woman and 11- and 2-year-old children. The woman was the wife of a 66-year-old male patient in Singapore’s first confirmed case, and two children were their grandchildren.

Three patients are currently receiving treatment in Kuala Lumpur and are in stable condition. According to local media, a group of 10 of them flew from Guangzhou to Singapore for vacation on the 20th, and a 66-year-old male patient was confirmed locally on the 23rd. His 37-year-old son and another 53-year-old woman from Wuhan also confirmed the diagnosis the next day .

In addition, the Malaysian airport has stepped up the detection of the health of all passengers and crew members from China in order to reduce the possibility of local spread of the virus.

Nepal: 1 confirmed case

Officials from the Ministry of Health of Nepal confirmed on January 25 that the first confirmed case of Wuhan pneumonia was found in Nepal.

France: 3 confirmed cases

The confirmed cases appeared in Paris and Bordeaux. The first confirmed case was a 48-year-old patient from Bordeaux who had just returned from China and had been to Wuhan. After arriving in France, the patient contacted more than a dozen people. He developed symptoms on the 23rd and was sent to hospital for isolation.

The second patient, who is near Paris, has also been to China and currently needs isolation. The third patient is a close relative of the aforementioned second patient, who is in Paris.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on January 24 that the French in Wuhan had been notified that the authorities were considering providing bus services to allow French and their spouses and children who wished to leave to leave Wuhan.

Singapore: 3 confirmed cases

Singapore confirmed on January 24Two more cases of infection with the new coronavirus, the number of confirmed cases increased to three.

Thailand: 5 confirmed cases

Thai officials said on January 24The fifth confirmed case was a 33-year-old Chinese female tourist from Wuhan.

Vietnam: 2 confirmed cases

New coronavirus cases were first diagnosed in Vietnam on January 23. A 66-year-old man from Wuhan went to Hanoi on the 13th and visited his son in Nha Trang. Both had symptoms of fever and were tested after admission. The results were positive for the new coronavirus.


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