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U.K. Prince Andrew rolls sexual assault scandal, US prosecutor approves ‘zero cooperation’

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Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has been willing to assist in the investigation after being involved in a sex scandal with the late rich Jeffrey Epstein. However, federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman of Manhattan, New York, United States, said on January 27 that Prince Andrew has so far cooperated with relevant US prosecution departments.

Berman, who led the investigation, said at a press conference on the 27th that the U.S. federal prosecutor and the FBI had contacted Prince Andrew’s lawyer to request an interview with Andrew, but the prince’s “cooperation was zero.” He said Andrew has not responded to the FBI’s request so far.

Berman said he would not normally comment on whether the individual cooperated with the investigation, but this time the exception was because Prince Andrew had previously stated that he would assist.

Prince Andrew has previously denied having sex with a 17-year-old girl introduced by Epstein and stated in November 2019 that he would be willing to assist any appropriate law enforcement agency if needed.


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