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Preliminary stock performance analysis allowed by the Stock Exchange indicates that listed companies need to be extremely careful to avoid large digital discrepancies

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Under the influence of the mainland epidemic, the accounting and auditing work of listed companies’ performance has been hindered, and the market is worried that their performance may not be as good as the issue of journals, which will trigger a “tidal wave.” The Stock Exchange and the Securities and Futures Commission issued a joint statement today, which mentions that if a listed company is unable to obtain agreement with the auditor on financial information, it may consult the Stock Exchange on preliminary reportable financial information to assess whether it can be published and make the company Shares can continue to be traded, and it is emphasized that listed companies must describe the uncertainty of the information.

Ou Zhenxing, co-leader and partner of Deloitte China’s national listed business group, said that in the past, even if a listed company publishes unaudited preliminary performance data, it needs to be audited by the auditors to correspond to the relevant financial statements. The procedure is almost completed, but due to the epidemic situation, the audit procedure may only be in the preliminary stage. Therefore, the company needs to be quite cautious. Once there are any findings in the subsequent verification work, the numbers and initial results are very different, and the company has to bear a huge Responsibility, the listed company must handle it very carefully.

The vice president of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Lin Zhiyuan, said that the guidelines did not address the industry’s health concerns about auditing in the north, nor did it set a deadline for the extension of performance. They were worried that employees would still have the pressure to complete the audit as soon as possible. When evaluating the reportable financial information of a listed company, it means that the opinions of the audit committee will be taken into account, which is equivalent to pushing the responsibility to the listed company and the auditors. It describes the guidelines as “doing business according to this book.”

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