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United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on February 8 that states must deal with caution when they do business with China.

Pompeo gave a speech at the National Governors Association in Washington, referring to China’s policy of weakening American freedom, thereby benefiting from the federal to the regional level.

He pointed out that the competition between the United States and China is not limited to the level of the federal government, but occurs in all states. It has consequences for U.S. foreign policy and local people, affecting Washington ’s important national security function, and describing China ’s The means are organized and organized.

Pompeo mentioned that pro-CCP organizations have been established in many places in the United States to expand China’s influence, also known as Chinese diplomats ‘attempts to influence local officials’ statements on issues such as Taiwan. He also pointed out that China has hired scientists and professors from universities in the United States in an attempt to gain scientific and technological knowledge.

He called on the leaders of 55 states and territories across the country to be cautious when dealing with China, and quoted former President Ronald Reagan’s phrase “Bold trust, carefully verify.” ).


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