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International Investors Congress 2021 will start this spring within the World Luxury Lifestyle and Real Estate Congress on 7th of April in Dubai in the Bvlgari Resort Dubai hotel.

In Bvlgari Yacht Club Ballroom& Garden the gala dinner will be held within the World Luxury Lifestyle and Real Estate Congress. In 12 of May we will meet in Berling for official openning of spring session in Berlin Capital Club.

07.05.2021 in Dubai the general partner of the Congress and Organizer of exhibition, conferences of Luxury real estate ILP Group will lead the Gala-consert for developers of Luxury real estate and for luxury lifestyle brands.

Our guests are buyers of Luxury real estate, who are also owners of this kind of real estate, houses, hotels around the world, value more than 5 million euro.

They come from UAE, Russia, CIS countries, Israel, India, France, USA, Great Britain and from other countries. World Luxury Lifestyle and Real Estate Congress will be held in Ballroom of the hotel and on the terrace with the view of sea, with the breathtaking view of the city. On the menu there are exquisite dishes of Europian cuisine.

The event will start at 18.00 with the welcome drink on the terrace and performance of jazz-band. The evening will be held till 22.00

Next day our sponsors can invite guests of Gala – dinner for personal meeting and for preview of real estate. Next part of the Congress traditionally will be held in private Capital Club.

Congress Partner Sofitel hotel chain.

Honorary Congressman God Nisanov, № 34 in the ranking of ‘’200 Riche2019’’, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kievskaya Ploschad Company Russia (right):

Anna Stukkert, investor, organizer of the International Congress of Investments in Germany since 2016: Honorary Congressman Shaji Ul Mulk, Indian billionaire, founder of Mulk Holdings, TOP 10 FORBES India (left):

The German-Indian Dialogue will take place on Friday, May 21, 2021, from 11:00 to 13:45 at the Berlin Capital Club am GendarmenMarkt, Mohrenstraße – 30, 10117 Berlin. The press conference will also include a presentation from Govind Balakrishna Raju (Bangalore, India), aimed at ensuring cooperation in the East-West direction with the Indian corridor to Europe. German companies can present their latest developments in this area, and Indian

companies can find potential partners among them. “It was a big step for us and the result of a long analytical process. We have been bearing this idea for about 2.5 years. The fact is that Germany and India have accumulated over 10 years of experience, own efficiency developments and a pool of clients.

For each of us there was a question of further development, and we realized that we can make a leap forward only together. By combining management and financial capabilities, warehouses, customer base and business process, we have obtained cooperation of Indian and German entrepreneurs’’,- said Govind Balakrishna Raju, Founder @ Group of Companies. Vice President, Innovative Technologies, International Peoples Alliances of the world, working for ‘Make in India ‘by associating various initiatives internationally under the leadership of Dr. Alexander who is a member at UN, UNESCO & others Honorary.

The event will be attended by Irena Oliver (United Kingdom, London) – an entrepreneur, one of the world’s TOP leaders in the MLM industry.

Irena Oliver is a key business partner of the “Federico Mahora” perfume brand, which creates premium and luxury products in Germany and manufactures in Poland. For 15 years of cooperation with FMworld, Irena has created her own team of more than 49 thousand distributors in 54 countries. Currently, Irena Oliver invests in herself, in her knowledge, new technologies and in her team of entrepreneurs. Irena teaches how to invest in a mini-franchise for

only 100 € and how to achieve a significant monthly income of several tens of thousands of euros within 1 year. This is becoming extremely popular all over the world, because many people now simply do not have the funds to make significant investments.

Irena Oliver uses products in her business, which has the highest quality and attractive price. People 16+ and older from over the world apply it with pleasure.

The fashion house “Queen of Europe” together with The mink brand will also become a partner of the congress, which will present original designer furs in the New collection. In 2021, the idea of fur fashion will completely change, this is a new type of profitable investment that will increase your income. Fashion designers will use fur as a material for improving clothing. At the peak of fur fashion, fur coats made of natural fur of a classic cut, such models do not lose their versatility regardless of fashion trends and always increase in price on the market.

The fashion show from the elite fur house @the_mink_ Mink will be a pleasant end to the fashion program and the business part of the Investors Congress. The company has head offices in Moscow and Murmansk in Russia.

The face of the company Ksenia Vyashchenko supports many beauty contests. Among them: All-Russian Empress 2020, Business Awards Success 2020, Top Model International 2019, 2020, Russian beauty, Queen of Russia,

Success 2020 г. All-Russian beauty.

In May, at the congress, Ksenia Vyaschenko will present a unique fashion program and will pleasantly surprise the guests of the congress with gifts, including luxury cosmetics @CosmyCity.

In 2021, the idea of fur fashion will completely change. This is a new type of profitable investment, which will allow you to increase your income. Fashion designers will use fur as a material for improvement clothes. Fur coats from natural fur with a classic cut are at the height of fur fashion. Such models do not lose their versatility regardless of trends fashion and are always growing in price in the market.

The guests of honor will be Oto Zemnieks (Switzerland) and Elena Velichenko (Latvia) – the founders of the Chef Oto gastronomic brand, healthy food based on Ayurveda for gourmets and healthy lifestyle. They are the authors of “Brighten up your diet Indian cooking” , hosts of the Chef Oto. Ayurveda for gourmets and healthy lifestyle” on the radio “Reporter “. Now Oto and Elena conduct online culinary master classes, individual consultations, where participants receive recommendations on how to eat them, taking into account their physiological characteristics. Participants also receive exclusive recipes developed by Chef Oto.

VIII International Investors Congress 2021 congress of government representatives of 29 countries and entrepreneurs.

Eighth Continental Congress 2021. The powers of the Congress are determined by the objectives of multilateral transactions between the participants, the ” Free Trade Zone+”. The Winter Session of the Congress is held at the Berlin Capital Club, a closed club of billionaires.

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