Hujan Asset Management, a private asset management firm that recently closed a funding agreement of $36B and has announced its vast investment interest in Indonesia, is now taking negotiations with authorities and local public corporations for large infrastructure project development in Indonesia.

Indonesia being an emerging country has a lot of opportunities especially for foreign investors. For instance, Indonesian infrastructure is not fully set up yet and entering this space can enable investors to secure a strong and sustainable long position for positive future returns.

Today, Indonesia has a road problem. Hujan Asset Management is looking to participate as a leading investor and developer for the entire country’s road infrastructure and beyond. Considering that over 270 million people are on the move on daily basis, out of which at least more than 70% must use roads as a mean of smooth transportation, yet not even covering the full potential, by developing 70% infrastructure of Indonesia, Hujan Asset Management is looking at generating extremely large investment returns in the next 10-15 years in a long sustainable run.

Hujan Asset Management might raise even more funds than $36B in the near future within the next 2 years as the firm is not only looking to enter the infrastructure game in Indonesia but also extend their interest into other emerging markets including Africa.

Indonesia has a bright future and Hujan Asset Management wants to be ahead to lead that bright future by the side of the leading advisory Ayla & Associates.

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