Stankevicius Group is a leading mainstream industry professional service provider mostly focusing on public relations and investor relations as well as international trading consultancy and technology solutions. The group is providing professional corporate services which apply to most mainstream industries including sectors like technology and finance.

Stankevicius Group has been operating since 2013/2014 and during the time has created a brand called Stankevicius MGM; meaning Masters in Global Media. Stankevicius MGM is a professional PR firm which helped clients to raise a record over $500M in 1 year during 2018. The firm’s CEO Paulius Stankevicius is aiming to push the capital raising record to over $1B by 2022 Q4.

Stankevicius MGM has managed over 500 clients and over the years has branded itself as a professional marketing strategist to create the best outcomes for clients in terms of image representation to public and investors.

Another firm under Stankevicius Group is Stankevicius International which is a professional trade consulting firm specializing in due diligence, market research and contracting services, helping clients to protect themselves against international trade fraud which happens often in the general trading industry.

Stankevicius Group’s founder and CEO, Paulius Stankevicius wanted to take the group public in 2021; yet Hujan Asset Management has entered into negotiation with Stankevicius Group for keeping the firm private as a possible acquisition may occur.

Stankevicius MGM is the number one PR firm to represent Ayla & Associates, its super app and to represent Indonesia and run global marketing campaigns. Stankevicius MGM valuation has increased significantly once its position has been cleared to be the right hand PR firm of Ayla & Associates meaning that Stankevicius MGM will receive a large amount of orders for global marketing campaigns to be covered for the next 5 years.

Hujan Asset Management initiated the acquisition dialogue with Stankevicius Group founder to purchase the entire group including both the PR firm Stankevicius MGM, and the trade International.

It is estimated that the acquisition may start and be signed already during Q4 2021 and will be finalized either by the end of 2021 or early Q1 2022.

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