3 years ago

Hujan Asset Management plans to invest $1 billion into United Arab Emirates

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Hujan Asset Management, a private asset management firm managing high net worth of assets worldwide with offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific and headquarters in London at the end of Q3 closed a large funding agreement with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) royals for $36 billion and is now planning to invest $1 billion of capital into United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates market has been seen as a unique and exclusive market than anywhere else in the world. The 2020 Expo which is taking place from October 2021 will not just give attention to Dubai and UAE but it will significantly increase business opportunities, growth and new revenue streams for the country.

Real estate industry apart from trade has always been considered one of the main industries in the UAE region. Hujan Asset Management is also known as a real estate tycoon focusing on extremely large investments in international properties and not just residential units or larger objects but substantially large skyscraper projects in mega cities like New York and London.

Hujan Asset Management is planning to invest at least $1 billion into UAE and it is estimated that a large portion of this capital could go into real estate development. Hujan Asset Management has diversified interest specifically for the UAE market, as UAE has also seen new developments in technology and manufacturing. Hujan Asset Management might also look into these specific industries and areas for investments.

Hujan Asset Management has a strong footprint in the United Arab Emirates as the firm is closely connected with local royal families. There are rumours that extremely large project developments may take place soon in Q4 2021 within the hotel industry in Dubai. A possible large hotel acquisition or a merger of some sort could be expected.

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