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From Southeast Asia to Dubai, Seyf Selmi has taken his Real Estate career to a next level

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Seyf Selmi is a Real estate expert that has a massive experience within southeast Asia and middle east. Seyf Selmi has consulted multiple huge projects in Indonesia.

He is a Real Estate expert advisor with one of the leading Developers in UAE. He has always found himself at the intersection of technology and real estate, as the industry strive and grow solidly and potentially, he has focused his vision from Southeast Asia to Dubai which is one of the best real estate market in world.

What Seyf Could say about the potential of Dubai Real Estate Market ?

I would like to begin by saying that Covid-19 has caused a significant down grade in the number of transaction during 2020, with owners and investors having to make a multiple important adjustments to their business responding to the situation that the pandemic has created.

However, no one has expected that the real estate market will start booming rapidly as we all have noticed. with the huge benefits that Dubai Government offers to its investors as well as the end users in Dubai, such as tax free, ability to have an investor visa, facilitate the relocation for worldwide investors and most importantly
is the performance of the market. And here i can say that in a very short period of time we have noticed a vast improvement in the residential property transaction volumes which have created a demographic and economic factors offered by the developers and banks to enhance the massive participation from investors and residents in Dubai.
Therefore, since the official announcement of the EXPO 2020, there has been a potential increase of the residential and commercial development in Dubai.

According to different researches the EXPO 2020 is estimated to bring over 120 Billion Dirhams to the overall UAE economy, while that will be made up of Tourism, hospitality and Definitely Real Estate transactions.

It is the perfect time and the life changing opportunity for investors from all around the world whom are on the search of a great potential market that would generate
the highest ROI in the whole region.

How the investors could benefit from the Dubai real Estate Market?

Dubai has a huge potential market, i would say the equation is pretty simple and the most important thing to begin with is that every investor should know which developer and which project that will have the highest rental return in the future. Let me take an example of Ellington Properties as one of the leading real estate developer in Dubai. Ellington Has actually one of the best finishing and design quality in Dubai Real Estate Market.

High end design, strategical location, resort’s amenities and facilities, vast apartment size and the list goes on, this leads the project to be having a high demand from the people that would like to enjoy that luxurious lifestyle. the meaning is that the best quality leads to a potential consumer demand, and this allows every investor to rent out their properties with a price that could easily generate a remarkable ROI. As i said in the beginning, the equation is simple as you just have to focus on how could the investment create a massive cash flow based on the rental prices that generates the highest ROI. And this is what i personally bring to my clients attention in order to help them achieve what they come to Dubai for.

How do you see the future of real estate in Dubai ?

There is a massive supply in Dubai coming in, and particularly in term of apartments and communities residential sectors. This will definitely create a healthy growth from now on as it will take a little bit of time to be absorbed.

The market right now is experiencing a fast acceleration, and this means there is a high demand from local and foreign investors, and millions of AED transactions are happening everyday, so all these facts will open the eyes
to the other investors around the world to pay more attention to Dubai Real estate Market that as far as i am concerned, no other market could generate this high return.
So for the next 5 years, i am seeing huge opportunity for every single investor out there to join the race and make the safest investment in one of the best real estate markets in the world.

If you would like to buy a property in Dubai, how would your property looks like ?

As I am part of Ellington Properties, i would easily say a Penthouse in one of our project, but the power of this city is that you can be inspired by everything your eyes could see.

but to make it sounds more realistic, i would be lucky to have one of Ellington’s breathtaking Villas in Emirates Hills.

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