Sassy Unicorns under is a reported scam NFT project.

Investor lose money and after connecting to founder team and community gets kicked off from Discord channel.

The project was suppose to launch in early January with promising returns. Founders of Sassy Unicorn have fraudulently collected Ethereum from investors by promising fast returns for the projects and guaranteeing the investment with their passport and ID’s under agreement.

One of the Sassy Unicorn Founders named Dani aka Danish Younus have made an investment agreement with attachment of his passport and Emirates ID with Dubai resident. The scammer, Dani, has taken investment in ETH and kept promising to return the investment and later on disappeared.

All project was shut down. The Sassy Unicorns collected investment money and shut down the project.

From beginning this was suppose to be a scam project.

The Founder Dani is now being submitted for processing in Dubai Courts and informed to Dubai CID.

Being a resident of United Arab Emirates and committing a cyber investment fraud in cryptocurrency business activity while being a resident of United Arab Emirates is not a legitimate act.

It is known that other co-founders are foreigners including Mexicans.

It is important to NOT invest in Sassy Unicorns, THIS PROJECT IS A SCAM.

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