Hiring manager

1. Have you ever done any remote work? If yes, what were some of the difficulties you encountered?

It’s critical to understand why someone is looking for remote employment, as some candidates are unaware of the realities of working from home. If the answer is “Never,” ask, “What makes you want to work from home?” They should be aware of the difficulties of remote work and have measures in place to address them.

2. Do you prefer to work in a specific location?

Although not having a “home office” should not exclude someone from a position, knowing how and where an applicant prefers to work might help you better understand them as a possible employee. Inquire about their home office setup if they already work from home. Is everything a remote worker needs to be productive available to them? Is it a place where there aren’t many distractions? Inquire about the candidate’s home office setup and, if possible, do a video interview with the candidate from that location.

3. How will you communicate with a distributed team?

Employees who work from home should be able to use a variety of platforms. Inquire about the candidate’s communication style with the team.

4. What strategies do you employ to stay focused on your tasks?

You’ll be able to focus on more remote-specific follow-ups if you start with the broad question. If the candidate, for example, responds, “”Will you encounter the same distraction when you work remotely?” you could wonder. “I wear noise-canceling headphones to shut out noisy employees.” Do you think you’ll be able to use the same method this time, or will you need to try something new?”

5. What do you enjoy about working in an office and what do you detest about it?

See why a candidate is interested in remote work if they say they enjoy the company’s team-building possibilities or their favorite activity is the 10 a.m. coffee cart. It’s possible they never considered the lack of face-to-face socialization.

6. What was the most difficult project you’ve ever developed and implemented?

Working from home necessitates a high level of self-motivation. It’s easy for people to become sidetracked or lose their drive when they don’t have a boss nearby. When there’s nothing else motivating them—except themselves—the answer will speak to the candidate’s motivation and ability to get the job done.

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