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Zilliqa is building something new called Metapolis. Metapolis is a metaverse world which aims to directly compete against Decentraland(MANA) and TheSandBox(SAND). Decentraland and TheSandBox are oriented around gaming and gaming communities, while Metapolis is heard to be providing services and yet it is unknown if there would be gaming implementations as per recent AMA with Zilliqa team.

Zilliqa is a new blockhain company which started couple years ago, now in 2022 it’s going into Metaverse. Zilliqa’s price has been growing over 200% within last 7 days. Retail and institutional investors have shown interest in the company, but why so much hype around Metaverse?

There are rumours that Zilliqa is partnering up with Facebook (Meta), or that perhaps Meta could be buying out Zilliqa. If such scenario happens, Zilliqa price expected to most likely hit over $2-5, but that could be too good to be true.

Zilliqa as an early adopter of Metaverse, being one of the few crypto companies to launch their own environment has shown that strong team and innovation is the key to large project development success. Regardless whether the Facebook joins Zilliqa on Metapolis project or not, according to technical analysis by top expects, Zilliqa’s price is still expected to go over $1 in 2022 and possible reaching near $2 by 2023.

Is Zilliqa worth investing in?

It might be a good way to start 2022 considering April 1 is the day when entire crypto market usually gets a huge buying opportunity based on historic charts and also don’t forget that Zilliqa is launching Metapolis in Miami on April 2. Retail investors expect the price to reach between $0.25-0.40 during this time.

The price can drop down for correction however the upside and overall chart looks bullish on the long term.

Will Zilliqa’s Metapolis Metaverse succeeed and will it’s marketcap grow?

It is high chance that Zilliqa will trully develop something unique as Zilliqa’s blockchain is very competitive to other blockchain companies which are currently in top 10 on CoinMarketCap. Considering Zilliqa is entering Metaverse, average Metaverse company’s marketcap is $4B. Currently Zilliqa’s marketcap is just under $2B which actually makes Zilliqa very logically double it’s market cap by mid of 2022.

In addition to that the success of Metapolis Metaverse looks positive.

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