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What Bank Account to Use for Drop-shipping on eBay

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Many people who have been using TransferWise for a while can now use eBay. In general, eBay has begun to exclude these people. The same is true with Payoneer. The only option currently working for people who don’t go to England is Revolut. I guess you won’t go to England. So far I have no such plans. If you are going to work from Bulgaria and do everything from Bulgaria, at this stage the only acceptable option is Revolut. This is a company called Revolut, to which you receive a white card. This is Mercury, the one American bank I use. I have Citibank and many others.

This is what the Revolut business card looks like. In this case, it is a European Revolut, and recently there is an American one. The Revolut business card is not much different from the regular one, but it is owned by the company.

In this article, I showed myself how to hook up Revolut.  “That’s the way you hang your Revolut.” The other option at the moment is to go to England to verify in person and register a bank account. There is no way to make a remote that works directly with eBay from Bulgaria, other than Revolut.

Some have said that Revolut has started to disappear from eBay, that it has dropped out of eBay and that it would be removed from eBay, but it is working now. If it disappears, we have no other plan at this stage. Accordingly, you will have to go to England on the spot. Yes, it will be even harder. The process always gets harder.

You may need to go to England, which is no more than a 2-3 hour flight. For those who do not like to fly, the road is really long. If one has the desire, it is not a problem to go to England. It is neither expensive nor so difficult. Of course. I want to ask you something here about Revolut. He had mentioned that it took a little longer to generate a business account. Yes, some complain that it is slow. Personally, mine became very fast. I’m talking about English. In a week I will be able to give you more up-to-date information – I am currently making a new business account. I’ll tell you how long it took. Great! This morning I showed in the blog how long it takes to register and verify a company. It took me less than 2 days. At 11:00 in the evening on the first day I write to Evelyn.

A little over a day later I received an email saying things were ready. Now I’m going to show you what this is about. Here it is! “Company registration. I write my addresses. Here are mine where they are. I also sent my ID card.

This happens on February 8 at 11:00 p.m. This is for my newest company. On the afternoon of February 10, I already have the company and the documents. It’s called ZEROTOSUCCESS LTD. Here is the “certificate of incorporation” received on February 10. Great! So it’s pretty fast. It really happens very, very fast. It becomes express. The question is what do you do next with this company. The creation itself is an easy job.

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