I’m an Indian expat and Award-winning Author & Blogger living in Dubai for the past 15 yrs with my family, but I consider being a Mother of 3 lovely children my biggest achievement so far. I often share my thoughts on women empowerment, parenting, expat life, self-care, beauty, wellness, fashion, food, books, mindfulness, spirituality, and travel on my Instagram blog, which is read and loved by everyone all over the world, specially mothers & women.

Previously, I was a banker, management & marketing professional, educator and editor. At present, I don multiple hats of a freelance writer, author, poetess, editor, content creator, writing coach, motivational speaker, wellness influencer, lifestyle blogger, educator, model, journalist, healer, and a mother. I decided to quit my corporate job & take a Sabbatical for some years after becoming a mother for the third time.

Our third child was a miracle baby…A blessing in disguise. But my motherhood & parenting journey wasn’t an easy one. Irony is if you Give birth to your first baby, everyone around you will be happy. Produce a sibling and you’ll be congratulated endlessly. Opt for a third child however and people eye you warily and whisper: “How is it with three?” Yet my 3rd baby’s surprise arrival didn’t tip my family over into the stress-fest that all suggested. Actually, the fifth member of our family brought a sense of balance to our lives.

But yes certainly there was a time when our family debated over the decision to have a third baby or not, as it’s not easy to raise 3 kids abroad. Three kids require lots of lifestyle changes and as parents we were worried of dividing our attention three ways. Plus, considering the needs and schedules of three children is significantly more challenging than one or two, it was a tough decision to make, especially because it was a surprise pregnancy.

Yet I shudder to think about life without our third child and I’m intensely grateful that as a couple my husband & I decided to opt for a life being a family of five. Third child doesn’t necessarily disrupt the family in stress-inducing ways. Yes, they may change the status quo but they also bring new energy and fun into the household.

Our stress level is affected by our individual personality, how we were brought up and whether or not we have the confidence to parent as we would like to, without subscribing to pressure to be supermom. Children are individuals who bring richness to our lives as well as challenges. I encourage parents to apply good common sense and search within to find the answer about how many children to have, rather than being dictated to by other people’s fears. Our third baby brought us all so much joy, that it’s no exaggeration to say that witnessing my older children fall in love with their baby brother – a process which began the moment we told them I was pregnant – has been the richest experience of my life.

If you’re contemplating a third child, I would say a third baby didn’t increase our stress levels, in fact he anchored us and made our family feel complete. Also, my actual journey of becoming an Award-winning Writer & Authorpreneur started after the birth of our third child.

It so happened that while I loved being at home & spending quality time with my family, still a side of me was looking to venture out. That is when I decided to pursue my ‘passion of writing’. After winning a writing contest, my inputs started getting featured in reputed newspapers, magazines, websites, books, radio, TV & blog portals in Dubai, India & world-wide. This got me much needed appreciation, acknowledgement and respect. So, with encouragement from my family, I decided to start my personal blog and share my thoughts, plus I unleashed my passion of becoming an author and released my books and became a renowned Writer. Idea was to motivate and empower all!

I am a staunch believer in the ‘women empowering women’ principle. I started my blog to support and empower women all over the world by my writings, motivational videos and life experiences as I believe women are the cornerstone of family and society at large. Being a mom of 3 kids and living abroad, it’s not easy to manage blogging and family simultaneously, but still I try to create a balance between my professional and personal life by “working smart” and adhering to a schedule. Plus, I get full support from my family who understand my dreams and help me raise the bar and be a role model for other women. It’s my positive attitude and never giving up spirit which makes me victorious against all odds and helps me balance everything effectively. I believe in the saying “Never give up on your dreams. It’s difficult to wait, but it is more difficult to regret.” In the near future, I look forward to exploring myself, trying new things, learning more, writing inspirational books, motivating people by my videos and podcasts & doing more creative and out of the box work which provides full justice to my talent and potential. I want to ‘be inspired and be inspiring!’

Writing, Blogging, Coaching, Healing and Wellness are the areas I am passionate about. I have always lived the way I want and stand for the right things, no matter what. I believe in being yourself and living life the way you want and getting success on your terms. It’s tough, but achievable!

I believe in the mantra : “Living life on your own terms” which means the ability to live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. It also means being able to enjoy quality time with your family, while also having a purpose-filled career that provides financial freedom. It also means having the time, freedom and flexibility to pursue the things that matter most to you, whether that is travel, volunteering, fitness, or any number of other hobbies or interests. Living life on your own terms is about having purpose and fulfillment in your life, as well as having freedom and flexibility to do what matters most to you. It’s important to do this because how you feel about your life and work affects not only you but also everyone around you. You can make this happen by starting today and taking action!

My dream is to leave a noteworthy legacy behind, as I believe one should contribute to society, much more than one takes from it. I want to motivate & encourage women, help those who need to find themselves and pursue their passion in life. That’s my mission in life now!

This Mothers day, let’s salute all exceptional Mothers & Women around the world as ‘There’s no such thing as a supermom. We just do the best we can.”

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