Ahmad Nabil

As Dubai grows, the competitiveness in the region is growing as well and is stretching to win over international markets. Cities like Miami and London have been home to luxury forever but now Dubai is overtaking Europe and beyond in each luxury sector including real estate and luxury vehicles.

Miami and London’s streets have indeed seen the prominent brands of luxury vehicles but Dubai streets are driven by the world’s rarest auto pieces, and Ahmad Nabil makes that happen for Dubai. 

Ahmad Nabil is the founder and CEO of VIP Motors, the largest Middle East car dealership salon located in Dubai and soon to be the biggest in the world after the soon upcoming salon’s expansion project. 

Ahmad Nabil has been in the luxury car business for over a decade. This man has more celebrity friends than anyone else. His business reputation speaks for itself. Ahmad Nabil has made sure that the streets of Dubai are driven in style. 

Ahmad arranges the most iconic and unique vehicle imports to the UAE. VIP Motors hosts more than 200 cars in the salon on a daily basis worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Even right now, VIP Motors is hosting 4 pieces of limited edition Bugatti Divos, and all of this is thanks to Ahmad Nabil. 

Ahmad Nabil has grown the VIP Motors brand locally in the Middle East as the best and largest car dealer brand. By looking at it on a global scale there aren’t that many who can compete. Asia Pacific showrooms are relatively small and they do not host too many ultra-rare luxury cars under the same roof at the same time. In the US, you may find a lot of exotic car shops but having limited editions mixed with rare pieces is very hard to find. Ahmad Nabil has positioned VIP Motors to be not just strong locally but the brand is strong internationally based on the massive inventory of cars that they have. 

In a recent Fortune article, Ahmad Nabil said that he is looking to expand internationally the car business by 2030 and have multiple presences in key cities around the world. Ahmad’s passion for cars and industry is what led him to achieve a successful business.

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