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Media integration and digital content

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This article was written by Dr. Mahmoud Shafei.

Multi-platform newsrooms represent an applied reflection of the concept of media integration, which has contributed to reshaping the processes of news production and consumption and creating a new news environment characterized by flexibility, customization, interaction and participation, and keeping them in touch with the public with the latest news and developments. Newsrooms have also begun to take into account the interests of the public, considering it the main consumer of its production and industry. It began to pay attention to his priorities by taking into account his consumption, the content he desired, the method of consuming it, and the time in which he preferred to follow the content, using all means to display that content, including traditional means and modern means, which prompted media institutions to keep pace with the transformations in news consumption patterns towards digital media and were active in launching website services. Electronic services, phone applications, and social media accounts.

Media merger also created a kind of mixing of technologies. The process of marriage between traditional and new media took up sufficient space and capacity in the work of the merged newsrooms. New technologies and strategies became an important part of the news industry, and were characterized by characteristics including interactiveness, asynchrony, and non-audience. Media merger helped speed up the return of the echo. Through the comments, workers in the integrated newsrooms began to think about news forms that were compatible with the nature of the user, adding an element of suspense and attraction, shortening the content time, diversifying its visual forms, writing brief, expressive and attractive texts, and creating competition with the rest of the content.

We can say that the integration of new technology techniques with various media outlets has produced for us a new media that is different in nature from what was prevalent before. Internet services have also become an accompaniment to media activity at all levels. This has created features and qualities that differ from the traditional meaning that we used to know and added a distinctive touch. Especially with regard to the technical aspect, which introduced digital technology techniques in addition to communication technologies to blend with the information aspect.

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