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The Olritz Year Outlook 2024: Navigating a New Macro Paradigm

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As we enter 2024, the global economic landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, heralding a “New Paradigm” in macroeconomics. Olritz Financial Group provides a comprehensive outlook for investors navigating this terrain, marked by economic uncertainties, geopolitical instabilities, and significant technological impacts on existing markets.

Equities and Bonds: A Positive Outlook

In a baseline scenario for 2024, Olritz anticipates positive returns for both equities and bonds. This optimism stems from an expected slowdown in the US economy, leading to decreased inflation and lower interest rate expectations. These factors are likely to drive bond yields lower, supporting the price of bonds and equity valuations. Importantly, the absence of a severe US recession is expected to sustain corporate earnings growth.

Understanding the Hard Landing Scenario

While the base case remains positive, Olritz also acknowledges a 15% probability of a ‘hard landing’ scenario. In such a situation, equities might deliver negative returns while bonds stay positive. A sharp slowdown in growth, potentially caused by prolonged high interest rates, could lead to a moderate or severe recession. This scenario would likely result in weakened market sentiment and reduced earnings expectations, adversely affecting equity prices. However, quality bonds could remain a safe haven for investors.

Investment Strategies for 2024

  1. Manage Liquidity: With interest rates predicted to fall, investors should seek optimal yields, possibly through fixed-term deposits, short-duration bonds, and structured cash solutions.
  2. Quality Orientation: Focusing on quality bonds and equities, especially in the technology sector, is recommended, given the likely weakened but positive growth in the US economy.
  3. Hedge Market Risk: Given rising geopolitical tensions, investors should prepare for volatility. Diversification across asset classes and sectors is crucial for risk mitigation.

Diversification with Macro and Multi-Strategy Hedge Funds

In light of ongoing global conflicts and geopolitical uncertainty, diversifying with macro and multi-strategy hedge funds is advisable. These funds are well-positioned to navigate economic shifts and policy changes, offering effective hedging and diversification.

Commodities: Gold, Oil, and Energy Stocks

Gold is viewed as an effective hedge against geopolitical tensions, with a 12-month outlook of USD 2130/oz by the end of 2024. In the realm of oil and energy, active trading in these commodities and stocks is recommended, particularly considering policy shifts towards tackling climate change.

Currencies: Outlook and Opportunities

The USD is expected to stabilize initially, with potential shifts following interest rate cuts. The AUD, Japanese Yen, and emerging market currencies like the Chinese Yuan, Thai Baht, and Indonesian Rupiah are highlighted as currencies with upside potential.

Rising Tide of AI Innovation

The AI boom, particularly in 2023, has marked a transformative phase in investment strategies. Olritz emphasizes the importance of AI infrastructure, such as cloud computing, and anticipates a continued demand surge for GPU hardware manufacturers in the short term.


As we navigate through the complexities of 2024, Olritz Financial Group’s insights offer a strategic guide for investors. By understanding the evolving macroeconomic dynamics and leveraging informed investment strategies, one can navigate the new paradigm with confidence.

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