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Find out how the best are investing! Invest Cuffs 2024 conference on April 5-6, Krakow, Poland .

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Find out how the best are investing! Invest Cuffs 2024 conference April 5-6

The next edition of the Invest Cuffs Conference and Exhibition will be held on April 5-6, 2024. This will be the tenth edition of this extraordinary event. It will attract more than 10,000 individual and institutional investors to Krakow, having the opportunity to listen to lectures delivered by nearly 200 speakers. We invite all interested parties to participate in this event and create investment market history together.

What is Invest Cuffs

Invest Cuffs is an annual meeting bringing together the investment market industry. It is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe. Every year it attracts experts, representatives of the most important players in the industry, institutional and retail clients to Krakow.

By joining this event you get the opportunity to participate in the conference, trade fair, meeting with investment experts, startup presentations, interviews and coverage. Invest Cuffs is a big dose of knowledge, excitement and the best networking in the investment industry.

The event is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to invest their savings in 2024, regardless of whether they have 10 thousand, 100 thousand or 1 million euros.

Unconvinced? Check out what last year’s edition looked like:

Link: https://youtu.be/kFqqizhO6c4?si=JCgnS1A0hnM4AwG5

We have no choice but to invite you again to participate in this special event – let’s meet in Krakow! More information about the conference on the official website.

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