In a world where digital technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, Leila Janah stood out as a beacon of hope and innovation. As the founder of Samasource, Janah dedicated her life to a noble cause: expanding opportunities for people in low-income regions through digital work. Her groundbreaking approach not only provided essential training but also paved the way for sustainable employment in the tech sector for those who needed it most.

From Vision to Reality

Leila Janah’s journey was not just about creating jobs; it was about reshaping the global workforce landscape. By recognizing the untapped potential in low-income communities, Janah’s vision was to bring the marginalized to the forefront of the digital economy. Samasource became synonymous with empowerment, transforming lives by providing skills that are crucial in today’s digital age.

Leila Janah, a visionary social entrepreneur, made an indelible mark on the world with her commitment to fighting poverty. Founder of Samasource, LXMI, and Samaschool, Janah’s work focused on giving work, not aid. Her approach harnessed the power of technology and private-sector efficiency to bring life-changing opportunities to low-income individuals globally. Janah believed in the transformative potential of work and education to uplift communities out of poverty. Her pioneering business model, ‘Impact Sourcing’, not only created sustainable jobs but also ensured dignity and independence for workers in underprivileged regions. Despite her untimely passing in 2020, Janah’s legacy lives on, inspiring countless others to pursue impactful, compassionate entrepreneurship.

Impact Beyond Borders

Janah’s influence extended far beyond the confines of Samasource. Her innovative model for social entrepreneurship sparked a movement, inspiring others to look at how technology can be leveraged for social good. Her work demonstrated that with the right training and opportunities, anyone, regardless of their background, could contribute to and benefit from the digital economy.

A Legacy of Empowerment

Leila Janah’s untimely passing left a void in the world of social entrepreneurship. However, her vision continues to inspire countless others to pursue paths that combine innovation with inclusivity. Janah’s legacy is a testament to the power of technology to bridge gaps and create a more equitable world.

Aligning with Visionary Investments

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