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New: Trump’s “Truth Social” stock crashes dramatically by 8%

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Turbulent Times for Trump Media Stock

Trump Media’s shares experienced a sharp decline on Wednesday, retracting from a brief surge that saw prices exceed $50 per share, the highest in nearly a month. The company, which is synonymous with the Truth Social app and trades under the DJT ticker, saw its stock plummet more than 8% before the afternoon trading session, stabilizing at just under $46.50. This volatility reflects broader market reactions and strategic maneuvers within the company, particularly in light of recent regulatory disclosures and market activities.

Analyzing the Sudden Stock Movements

After a remarkable 30% increase in its share price over the past week, Trump Media’s current trading level remains significantly below its initial public offering price of over $70 per share. This drop illustrates the ongoing fluctuations that have characterized the stock since its debut. Contributing to the stock’s volatility, the company announced that former President Donald Trump, a major shareholder, received an additional 36 million shares as an earnout bonus, bolstering his ownership to 65% of the company’s shares, valued at $5.7 billion at the $50 share price.

Factors Influencing Trump Media’s Stock Performance

  • Regulatory Disclosures: Recent disclosures reveal Trump’s increased shareholding, which has influenced market perceptions and the stock’s valuation.
  • Market Manipulation Concerns: CEO Devin Nunes has voiced concerns about potential market manipulation by short sellers, influencing trading dynamics and prompting the company to advise shareholders against loaning their stock for short selling.

Insights into Market Manipulation and Short Selling Dynamics

The stock’s volatility is further compounded by significant short selling activity. According to Ihor Dusaniwsky of S3 Partners, short interest in DJT shares totals more than $147 million, with borrowing fees for these trades reaching exorbitant levels—nearing 300% for existing shorts and 600% for new shorts. This financial pressure has forced some short sellers to cover their positions, especially as stock borrow costs diminish potential profits.

  • Short Selling Trends: There has been a noticeable increase in short covering since mid-April, indicating a shift in trader behavior due to the untenable cost of maintaining short positions.
  • Financial Impact on Short Sellers: Despite early profits in April, recent losses and high borrowing costs have squeezed some short sellers out of the market, potentially leading to further short covering if stock prices stabilize or increase.

Future Outlook for Trump Media Shares

The ongoing developments within Trump Media and the broader market’s response highlight the complex interplay of shareholder actions, regulatory impacts, and market speculation. As the company navigates these turbulent waters, the outcome of these dynamics will significantly influence its financial health and market position.

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