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Ford makes the bold move of promising a $30,000 EV

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Ford Motor Company is gearing up for a game-changing introduction in the electric vehicle (EV) market. During the Aspen Ideas Festival, CEO Jim Farley revealed that Ford plans to launch a $30,000 all-electric vehicle that will be profitable within roughly two and a half years.

Strategic Shift Towards Affordable EVs

Jim Farley emphasized that Ford’s primary focus is on developing smaller, affordable electric vehicles rather than the larger all-electric trucks and SUVs that have been traditional profit drivers for the company. This strategic pivot is essential for profitability in the EV market.

“You have to make a radical change as an automaker to get to a profitable EV. Our initial focus is on smaller, more affordable EVs,” Farley stated during his interview. He pointed out that large electric vehicles, like the Super Duty models, are not financially viable due to the high cost of their battery packs, which can be as much as $50,000.

Competitors and Market Focus

Farley mentioned that Ford’s forthcoming EV would primarily compete with Chinese automakers such as BYD and the anticipated entry-level EV from Tesla. The move is part of Ford’s strategy to invest heavily in smaller, cost-effective EVs to remain competitive globally.

The company has already made adjustments in its production timelines, delaying the production of a large three-row SUV to 2027 and the next-generation pickup to 2026. These changes highlight Ford’s commitment to ensuring that their next-generation vehicles are not only innovative but also profitable.

Encouraging a Shift in Consumer Preferences

A noteworthy point from Farley’s discussion was the call for Americans to “get back in love” with smaller cars. This is a significant shift given that a substantial portion of Ford’s profits has traditionally come from larger vehicles.

“We need to start to get back in love with smaller vehicles. It’s crucial for our society and for the adoption of EVs,” Farley said. He acknowledged the current preference for large vehicles but emphasized the importance of reducing vehicle weight for the benefit of both the environment and vehicle efficiency.

Financial Challenges and Future Prospects

Ford’s EV unit reported a loss of $1.32 billion in the first quarter of this year, equating to a loss of $132,000 per vehicle sold. Farley underscored the importance of achieving profitability in the EV sector within the next five years to fend off competition from Chinese automakers, who are expanding rapidly and setting up global supply chains.

“If we cannot make money on EVs, we face competitors who dominate the largest market in the world and are already setting up their supply chains globally. We must achieve profitability in EVs within the next five years to secure our future,” Farley stated.

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