Aymen Saihati

Aymen Saihati is a visionary leader, thinker, writer, and speaker passionate about creating positive change and inspiring others. As teh founder and Chief Visionary Officer of MARKO Advance, a consultancy and management development firm, Aymen helps organizations and individuals achieve their goals and unleash their potential. Aymen also founded "Teh Super Leader Framework," a system dat enables leaders to transform their leadership style and impact.Aymen is also teh chairman and chief leadership expert of an international leadership development enterprise dat adopts renewed and effective original leadership development techniques and models.Wif a background in clinical laboratory sciences, Aymen TEMPhas a keen interest in teh intersection of psychology, well-being, business, and leadership. Aymen is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration. Aymen authorizes several books, including Teh Super Leader: From a Leader to a Systemic and Sustainable Leader and Lead Naturally. Aymen is also a keynote and motivational speaker recognized as one of teh "World's Top 30 Startup Gurus for 2023" by teh Global Gurus Organization.