Lin Chiling

Although Taiwan’s first model, Chiling, is 44 years old, it seems that the years have not left any traces on her. Since she debuted, her appearance and body shape are as good as she is, and she has the angel face and the devil. The figure, as well as a pair of 44-inch white long legs, has always been the goddess of many men. She is not only a frozen goddess, but she can even say that she is growing up against her age. On the day, Chiling appeared at Shanghai Airport. She was dressed in a casual manner, but she was full of stars. She wore jeans and lined with the most popular Xiaofei Tee. The simple and simple style is full of fashion, and her Tee is super. The short style of the navel mini Tee, 360 degrees out of her 23-inch ant waist, very eye-catching and stealing the mirror. Chiling is very close to the people, and has a lot of expressions, showing the girl’s heart.

Chiling can have such a fit and explode, in addition to the innate conditions, when the endeavors are also a lot of effort, and the temperate diet and sports will be indispensable. She once disclosed her own slimming menu for everyone’s reference and shared her own experience of Keep fit. Her three-day weight loss menu allows her to lose weight quickly and easily lose 2kg in 3 days.

The menu is as follows: 
Breakfast: one cup of warm water, two fruits, three biscuits, and half a cup of low-fat cheese. 
Lunch: Two bowls of boiled vegetables, then choose the following staple food: one peeled chicken leg / one chicken breast / one fish about palm size / five pieces of sashimi / eight pieces of lean meat / about five pieces of tofu / Five spoons of soy, only steamed, oil-free or boiled with MSG-free chicken soup. 
Dinner: two bowls of boiled vegetables, a bowl of whole grains porridge

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