Korean actor Jiang Zhizhen

South Korean actor Jiang Zhizhen was arrested by the South Korean police for allegedly sexually assaulting female A and sexually harassing another female B. Gyeonggi Province Gwangju Police Department told the local media today (10/7) that Jiang Zhiyu had a drink with his female colleagues A and B at home last night, and two women entered the room to sleep. During the period, Jiang Zhi broke into the room and invaded. A, and sexual harassment B, A then sent a short message to a friend for help, after a friend helped the police, the local police immediately went to the apartment of Jiang Zhiyu, and urgently arrested Jiang Zhizhen.

When Jiang Zhizhen was arrested, he was still in a state of drunkenness. When Jiang Zhizhen was interrogated by the police, he said frankly: “I remember that I had drunk, but what happened after I completely forgot, opened my eyes and found that I was in A. Sleeping room.” Jiang Zhizhen is currently being held in a detention center. The police plan to call Jiang to investigate again this morning.

Jiang Zhizhen is 42 years old. In 2002, he officially debuted with the musical “Rocky Horror Show” and took the Korean drama “Come on!” TV dramas such as Jinshun, Kuaidao Hongjitong, and Big Man (Hong Kong drama name: rogue heir) are familiar. Jiang Zhizhen is currently filming the TV Korean TV drama “Korean Survival”. At present, the drama is only broadcast halfway. Because the drama was produced in the form of side shoots, and Jiang Zhizhen was arrested, “Korean Survival” was produced. The reputation is still greatly frustrated, and the production company Huayi Brothers Korea is currently understanding the situation, and will discuss the relevant issues of Jiang Zhizhen, and then confess to the public the “Korean Survival”.

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