johnson prime minister

The election of the British Conservative Party leader had results. Former Foreign Minister Johnson, with a total of 92,000 votes, defeated the current foreign minister, Hou Junwei, who had only obtained 46,600 tickets, and became the next party leader of the Conservative Party. With the resignation of the current Prime Minister, Wen Cuishan, Johnson will take over as the next British prime minister.

After the election results were announced, the exchange rate of the British pound did not change much. It fell 0.14% against the US dollar at 1.2459, and rose against the euro. The latest report was 1.1145, up 0.14%. The pound against the Hong Kong dollar was last reported at 9.7311, down 0.13%.

British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan announced his resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the beginning of last month due to his failure to deal with the Brexit issue. Later, the Conservative Party elected the new party leader to take over the post of Prime Minister Wen Cuishan.

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