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On September 21st, the center of Paris, France, hundreds of “Yellow Vest Sports” demonstrators held anti-government rally. The police said that the activities were not officially approved, and tear gas bombs were fired on the scene and at least 106 people were arrested.

The demonstrators had thought of the Champs-Elysees rally that day, but the police had already been waiting for the police to dispatch 7,500 police and close 30 subway stations. Due to demonstrations of environmental climate change and pension disputes in Paris on the same day, the demonstrations were officially approved and police officers deployed police to prevent demonstrators from mixing in.

The police alleged that some “yellow vest” demonstrators were armed with hammers and oil cans. The Associated Press quoted the police as having arrested at least 106 people and conducted 1,249 security checks. More than 100 people would be fined for demonstrations in prohibited areas. Euro (HK$1166).

The “Yellow Vest Movement” began to appear in November 2018 and is now the 45th week, but most of the demonstrators at this rally are not wearing yellow vests. After the police applied tear gas bombs on the scene and arrested many people, some demonstrators were dissatisfied and said, “We are treated as criminals.”

In November 2018, demonstrations began in various places in France, including Paris, to protest against the Markron government’s readiness to raise fuel taxes on New Year’s Day in 2019. After the demonstrators continued to protest on several weekends, some of the demonstrations turned into national riots, the largest in the country in 50 years.

The incident plunged French President Emmanuel Macron, who lifted the fuel tax policy in December 2018 and proposed a policy of substantial tax cuts in April 2019. He also began to drop in areas and contact the people in many parts of the country. In order to save their own expectations. The momentum of the “Yellow Vest Movement” has also weakened, but by September, the pension reform proposed by Mark Long attracted many people’s dissatisfaction. On September 13, a subway union launched a strike and there was serious traffic congestion in Paris.

In an interview published by Time magazine on September 19th, Mark Long said that he believed that the yellow vest movement was a good thing for him, so that he could listen more to the people and communicate better with the people.

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