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The 2020 US presidential election is still more than a year, but the Democratic Republican parties seem to have not left the “election state” since the midterm elections. From Trump’s pressure on the Ukrainian president to the earlier border refugee issue, the two parties’ political offenses have become more frequent. However, the frequent war of words seems to have caused the Democrats to lose their way.

According to the comprehensive polls of many institutions in the past month: Nationally, regardless of whether the Democratic Party sent Biden, Warren, Sanders or He Jinli, they maintained a 5-10 percentage lead with Trump, and democracy The inside of the party is also filled with the atmosphere of “willing to win.” However, the “atypical” politicians who often did not mention the opinion polls often failed. The Democrats who were busy firing at Trump did not seem to notice the fault of their echelon.

The United States adopts a flexible political party system and does not have a fixed “party central government”. Relative to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other political parties, party power is relatively weak. If it is not a election period, power is mostly concentrated in the hands of the then president or congressional party. Such institutional arrangements make it difficult for political parties to gather the power of the entire party to train organized succession echelons.

But for a long time, American politicians have relied on family inheritance or “teachers and apprentices” to train newcomers in politics. For example, Democratic Party rookie Joseph Kenndy is the grandson of former President Kennedy, and Republican Senator Marco Rubio also stands for Jeb Bush.

The maintenance of this mechanism depends on the predecessors taking the initiative to step back. In the case of Jebbud, he served as governor of Florida between 1999 and 2007, and then stayed away from the front line. Even though he tried to get a Republican nomination before the 2016 election, after several rounds of voting realized that it was difficult to win, he voluntarily quit, and that Rubio had enough room to play.

However, in the Democratic Party, a similar situation has not appeared: Biden is known as “the political monument”, even if he was aware of physical problems in the earlier debate, he still insisted on the election; Sanders was 78 years old, following 2016. After the failure of the year, the election will be put into the election. After the failure of Hillary’s campaign in 2016, many Democrats thought that Hillary’s “old face” made many voters tired; but they obviously did not learn from it.

The elderly are reluctant to retreat. The young and middle-class people who are waiting for succession under the traditional system have no chance to rise. However, the society always has a longing for new faces. What is followed is the “political star” who suddenly became famous. At the age of 46, Beto O Rouke from Texas almost beat local bird Ted Kruz in his early midterm elections because of his good image and “sticking position”; Chinese businessman Yang Anze played ” The unconditional basic income signboard hopes to attract the attention of voters. Both of them are involved in this “presidential chaos”.

On the East Coast, in addition to paying attention to political stability, but the same age of Elizabeth Warren, seems to favor the sudden rise of Latino stars, enter the Congress before the political experience of Oslo Cortez (Ocasio Cortez ).

Although this group of “new stars” has become the focus of the spotlight, it is difficult to carry the “weight of the president.” Before Obama won the election in 2008, the US presidents were once the “big bangs”: George Bush was the governor of Texas, Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas, and the Republican Party was listed. (Ronald Regan) Although he was an actor, he also accumulated a lot of administrative experience in the governor of California.

However, most of the current political stars lack similar experiences: the experience of Senator Olok has not been there, Yang Anze lacks political connections, and Kamala Harris, who is ranked third in the polls, has been working in the judiciary, and he has also served as a senator. But two years. It is undeniable that many of the agendas that many of them want to promote have extraordinary significance for the present US; others have strong star characteristics, and the future development is expected; but if we want to master the national government in full, it seems that there is still some fire.

Perhaps the Democrats will be able to take advantage of the civil dissatisfaction with Trump next year and win the presidential position. But when the Republican Party’s control is back in the hands of the founding faction, how should the Democrats take over?


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