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Why do you face the attack on Biden every day?

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The US “Tongwumen” incident continued to ferment, in addition to the protagonist US President Trang popularizes Ukrainian President Zelensky, as well as former US Vice President and Democratic candidate Biden. However, since the incident, Biden has had fewer exposures than Biter. What makes Biden face the attack every day, but silently?

Since the “Tongwumen” incident has been unveiled, Trump has been highly criticized almost every day. He has described the whistle-blowers as spies, treason, and arguing for his actions to “eliminate corrupt elements” for the country. Trump has daily The “Golden Sentence” was quoted by the reporter and jumped to the front page of the American newspaper or the homepage of the website.

Waiting for more than a week to formally fight back

Biden, one of the protagonists in the event, is obviously much quieter than Trump. Since the Democratic Party decided to launch a bombing of the Trump investigation, Biden slammed Trump in the campaign in Nevada on October 2, a week later, describing him as a dog jumping over the wall “fearing that he would lose”, trying to destroy him. The family, more called Trump, is “the threat of democracy.”

But some Democrats think that Biden’s counterattack is too late, and some even seldom question the Democratic National Committee, why not help Biden to excuse earlier.

This is a mud wrestling

Although there is no definitive evidence at present, Biden’s son Hunter Biden is suspected of corruption, or Biden’s interest in Ukraine and China. However, it is very difficult to completely get rid of the suspicion. In particular, Biden’s request to dismiss the U.S. inspector at the time is a fact, no matter how the motive is “pure”, because the conflict of interest with Hunter cannot be ignored.

There is also the “Email Gate” incident of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 general election. The result of Hillary’s strong rebuttal is that she has more flaws. Although this is just a series of “carelessness”, it is enough to make her defeat the handle.

Biden knew this very well. He said in the same event in Nevada: “This is a trap. I know that he (Trump) wants to drag me down the mud.”

Biden was calm in the incident, but it did not mean that he was not nervous. Shortly after the exposure of the Tongwumen incident, Biden held a canvassing exercise with the Democratic Senator Chris Coons in Iowa on September 22. Biden said: “I didn’t think that this person (Trump) would do such a thing to my family.”

Biden’s protector is eager, and his words and deeds should be more cautious. This may be the reason why he is so hesitant in public response.


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