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Kate is forced to work 18 hours a day, the fourth birth plan is postponed

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The cover story of the US entertainment magazine “Us Weekly” published on January 29 was titled “Her Story Version”. After Prince Harry and his wife Meghan left, Prince William’s wife Kate’s journey. It seems very bad, including working for 18 hours a day in order to take care of children and work out of tolerance, but also to appease the mood of Queen Elizabeth II, grandmother William of England. In addition, after confirming that Harry and Meghan had left, Kate lost contact with them. More importantly, the plan to have a fourth child can only be stopped temporarily.

Sources revealed that after Harry and Meghan left, Kate was in a non-stop working mode. The main reason was that the royal responsibility left by Harry and Meghan must be borne by William and Kate, which was equivalent to double the workload immediately.

Kate is a mother of 3 children, including 6-year-old George, 4-year-old Charlotte, and 1-year-old and 8-month-old Louis. Kate is a hands-on mum who has worked 18 hours a day for the additional royal work , I was worried that I would have no skills, and the “Being Human” plan was forced to be suspended.

As for the relationship between Kate and Meghan, since Harry Meghan announced on the 8th the decision to fade out of the royal family, Kate and Meghan have never talked. The source said: “The relationship between the two is too far apart.”


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