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When Peter Navarro, a trade adviser to US President Donald Trump, accepted a TV interview on January 29, the reporter asked whether the US would cancel tariffs on China because Wuhan pneumonia began to crack down on the Chinese economy. Luo objected, saying “Let us remember why tariffs are imposed.”

US media CNBC reported that Navarro refuted this view during an interview on January 29, that is, some people think that if the deadly new Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus begins to put pressure on China’s economic growth, the United States will cancel its products for China tariff. “It’s a saying from Wall Street, and I think it’s harmful to the whole crisis,” Navarro said.

Navarro said, “Let us remember why tariffs are imposed.” He mentioned that “the tariffs are imposed because China has a large number of unfair subsidies. They use state-owned enterprises to make American companies and workers unemployed.” The tax also ensures that we start the second phase (negotiations). “

U.S. President Trump said on January 29 that he had a phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying that the two countries are working closely to combat the new coronavirus epidemic.


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