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Why is China still delivering medical supplies to the United States?

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The New Coronary Pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic in the United States is still deteriorating, and the number of diagnoses has already approached 1 million. Under the epidemic, the United States has occasionally pointed its finger at China. For example, on April 24, the US media exposed a memo sent by the Republican Senate National Committee to the election agencies. This 57-page memo recommended that Republican candidates respond to the epidemic crisis by “actively attacking China” .

When President Donald Trump said China concealed his illness, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he wanted to investigate China, then he went to Missouri and Mississippi to file a lawsuit against China and demand compensation from China. It has been shown how serious anti-China sentiment is in American politics.

Regarding the accusations by the United States, Beijing counterattacked that this is “the United States is” defamating and discrediting China “and” doing political operations. “

While China and the United States are going to fight with each other for a long battle, China’s medical supplies are continuously being shipped to the United States. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Twitter on April 26 that China has provided more than 2.4 billion masks to the United States, with an average of seven per American. In addition, according to statistics, so far, China has provided the United States with about 5,000 ventilators, 258 million gloves, 29.2 million pieces of protective clothing, and 3.13 million pieces of goggles.

According to official Chinese data, from March 1 to April 25, China exported and exported major anti-epidemic materials worth 55 billion yuan, including 21.1 billion masks, 109 million pieces of protective clothing, 32.94 million pairs of goggles, and patient monitoring. There are 110,000 instruments, 9.29 million infrared thermometers, and 767 million pairs of surgical gloves.

From these data, it can be seen that the medical supplies provided by China to the United States account for a large proportion of the medical supplies exported by China. The United States urgently needs a lot of medical supplies, as can be seen from the masks that the United States intercepted allies before.

Faced with the accusations from the United States, China has not threatened the United States to shut up by threatening with supplies. Why is this happening?

Anti-epidemic is the key

China is facing a political attack from the United States, which is the way the US government has taken to divert domestic criticism. China is fighting public opinion with the United States. When China thinks that many American claims are untenable, it must fight back from public opinion. Fight in words and fight. This form of contest is already the norm in both countries.

The war of words is one thing, the provision of medical supplies to the United States is another, and the two cannot be linked. China is dissatisfied with the “disgrace” of American politicians, but China cannot afford medical supplies because of certain politicians who have a good faith. After all, these supplies are life-threatening.

Furthermore, the New Coronary Pneumonia virus has become a global issue regardless of national boundaries. Cooperative anti-epidemic is the mainstream of the world and should be the main theme of China and the United States. In the face of such crises, if China threatens other countries on the grounds of political disputes, it is easy to fall into disregard for its population, which is inconsistent with the construction of a “community of destiny” that China proclaims.

The epidemic in the United States is an important part of the global epidemic. Many scholars warn that the resolution of the global epidemic does not depend on the country with the best control, but the country with the worst control. At present, the number of diagnoses in the United States is already the highest in the world. If the epidemic in the United States is difficult to resolve, the global anti-epidemic situation is not optimistic. No matter how noisy the voices of American politicians are, controlling the epidemic is a top priority, and China cannot be upset with American politicians in this matter.

Still economic

China provided medical supplies to the United States to help it get rid of the epidemic as soon as possible. The new coronary pneumonia severely impacted the US economy, and states blocked, suspended operations, and suspended production. White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett predicted on April 27 that in the second quarter, the US economy may experience the largest contraction since the Great Depression, reaching a contraction of 20% -30%.

The United States is one of China’s top three trading partners. When China and the United States are already “you have me, you have me”, the US economy will have a hard time getting rid of the epidemic, and China’s economy will also be affected, especially China’s exports.

In addition, the United States is the world’s largest economy, and the international monetary system is still centered on the US dollar. If the US economy is difficult to recover, the global economy will also be trapped for this. In 2008, a subprime mortgage crisis in the United States triggered a “financial tsunami.” According to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund, in 2020, the global economic growth will be -3%. Many scholars believe that the impact of this epidemic is far greater than in 2008.

China has controlled the epidemic, but under globalization, China cannot “keep its feet alone.” To minimize the impact of the global economic recession on itself, it is necessary for China to pull the United States at this time. Helping the United States is actually helping China itself.


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