Helping Washington navigate the crypto and blockchain space, ethically.

Jamil Hasan, author of the Blockchain Ethics book series and Re-Generation X: How Generation X Can Leverage Blockchain Technology to Save Ourselves and Rebuild America is now a contributor at Washington Morning.

Jamil has been an author, investor, consultant, and content producer in crypto and blockchain since early 2017, after a two-decade corporate career in Corporate America, including a dozen years at American International Group.

Most recently, Jamil has built the global crypto podcast program at Irish Tech News where he interviews founders, entrepreneurs and artists in the digital asset industry. (

Recently, his podcasts have also focused on the digital asset and NFT landscape in Ukraine.

Jamil’s books are available on His weekly Blockchain Ethics column will be found here at Washington Morning.

Jamil has recognized over the years, there continues to be a great deal of inaccurate reporting about crypto across many different global medias. He has relaunched his blockchain ethics books with an emphasis on etiquette and ethics in the blockchain sector, mostly dispelling the false media narratives by highlighting what is being built around the world.

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