Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – General Director of Nam Huong Group, Founder of Global Sport Management wishes to accompany athletes to raise high-achieving sports in Vietnam to a new height.

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – General Director of Nam Huong Group, Founder of Global Sports Management

After winning the title of Vietnamese Miss Sport in 1995. In 2011, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong was elected International Miss-runner. She is known not only as beautiful and talented but also as a Brand & Trademark Advisor for domestic and international businesses and enterprises, founder of Global Sports Management, and the women leader of Nam Huong Group, a prestigious Social Media Corporation.

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong (center) has appeared on several shows and forums to share her business expertise and knowledge with the public.

Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong has met many well-known Vietnamese athletes over her career, and she aspires to take the sport in her home nation to new heights. In May 2021, she presented her PhD. thesis at the University of Sport HCMC on the subject “Personal brand strategy for high-achieving athletes in Vietnam”, which was well appreciated by the scientific council. 


Until now, almost no one in the science theme has been able to figure out the causes and solutions to this issue. I have been researching and finding answers for this problem for over 5 years, thanks to Dr, Vu Thi Thu Huong, a Deputy Director of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), who encouraged me, I have started to research and find out the solutions for this topic for over 5 years”. She shares her thesis after a lengthy period of research.

Understand to accompany high-achieving sports in Vietnam

In Vietnam, high-achieving sports are currently on a long and successful journey throughout the globe. However, various constraints, mainly a lack of funding and methodically trained, hampered the growth of athletes to improve performance at prestigious awards. A solid foundation would assist outstanding athletes in quickly enhancing their brand for, they no longer worry about surviving. As a result, they could devote all of their time to training and competition.

In 2021, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong honorably awarded the “ For Culture – Sports – Tourism” medal by the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism

Many countries throughout the world, including Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and others, have been and are asking for enormous sums of money from sponsors, and enterprises desire to accompany high-achieving sports. Global Sport Management (GSM) is a pioneer in establishing strategies, programs, and courses,… on the journey to help high-achieving sports in Vietnam maintain and grow potential development.


Under Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong’s leadership, GSM gained affection, trust, and prestige among athletes, enterprises, investors, and sports communities. GSM also assists collaborating enterprises in supporting high-achieving athletes in Vietnam on their journey to conquer new international tournaments and achievements as a strategy and marketing consultant. GSM is sponsored by Nam Huong Group, an enterprise comprise of WSERVICE, WSUN, WHS, PPC ecosystems as well as PCDN, BSIN, and WLIN networks.


A perfect strategy comes to fruition

GSM has successfully created strategies for arranging events activities, sports forums, soft skill courses for high-achieving athletes,…; a marketing strategy consultant for collaboration between Vietnam Dairy Products Joint-Stock Company (Vinamilk) and Vietnam Football Federation (VFF); a marketing unit in the national professional football tournaments such as V.League 1, V.League 2,…; a unit that organizes media campaign for Double Pass, specializes in training young player in Belgium.

GSM organizes media campaign for Double Pass
GSM presents a 100.000.000 prize to the men’s team and congratulates them on winning the AFF U-23 Championship in 2022.

Personal brands of high-achieving athletes in our nation are similar to rough diamonds that have yet to be effectively reforged and marketed. If we seize the chance to gradually invest, explore, grow, we would draw a large number of sponsors, as well as encourage the growth of the entire sport which they represent”. With a passion for sports, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong expresses her concern.

GSM makes every effort to attract investors and sponsors, as well as to accompany Viet Nam sports on the victorious journey and to achieve their next objectives

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