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It is easy to become caught between what is considered to be ethically and morally acceptable, and what we believe would be the most advantageous choice. Such decisions can have a large impact on your life, making them difficult to navigate, and can leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain.  
Often, it is the fear of making a mistake that cause you to hesitate and second guess ourselves. We are scared of the consequences of our choices and worry about disappointing those we care about. This can lead to weaker individuals succumbing to indecision, rather than taking the time to evaluate their options and make an informed decision. 
It is also possible that such uncertainty can be a result of an individual's lack of self-confidence and trust in yourself. If you feel like you do not have the courage or wisdom to make the right decision, you may be more likely to remain stuck in this limbo. You could be apprehensive of making mistakes, as you do not trust your judgment. 
Ultimately, it takes strength to make difficult decisions with confidence and stand by our choices. While it can be overwhelming when faced with a decision that carries serious implications, it is possible to come out of it feeling confident and fulfilled. This is a litmus test for Self-confidence.

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