On November 25-26, 2023, Imram’s 2-day seminar “Initiation into the Science of Kriya” will be held in Berlin.

Imram is a Kriya yoga master, composer, musician, and multi-instrumentalist.

Science of Kriya

At the seminar, you will gain knowledge about Kriya Yoga and a system of techniques for further independent practice. These are the basic and progressive techniques of Kriya, the principles of energy and magnetization of the body, as well as the keys to meditation – knowledge that is passed on from teacher to student.

Science of Kriya

Kriya can be practiced by people of any age and with any physical fitness. In Kriya Yoga, there are no difficult postures, and you can perform the techniques even sitting on a chair.

Science of Kriya

After completing the training, you will have a system, a set of techniques that, with regular practice, will improve your physical condition, help you develop concentration, feel more confidence, joy, strength, and peace of mind.

Kriya is a quick method of achieving results on the way to a happy life, longevity, and high awareness.

Science of Kriya

Wishing happiness to all, we harmonize the visible and invisible worlds, bringing peace and tranquility to everyone’s life. Imram concludes all his speeches with this mantra.

Dear friends, we invite you to the concert of Imram and Mariam in Berlin on November 28, where powerful mantras will be sounded that can change the inner and outer world of everyone.

You can buy tickets at this link.

Come to the concert with your friends and family, and help the world become a better place!

We will be glad to see you at Imram’s seminar “Initiation into the Science of Kriya” and at the concert in Berlin!

Website: https://imram-kriya.com/events/fusion-concert-berlin/

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