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Are ‘Unseen Forces’ Really Driving Political Vendetta Against Darwin Platform Chief Ajay Harinath Singh?

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Ajay Harinath Singh
Ajay Harinath Singh

Mumbai, May 12, 2024: Ajay Harinath Singh, the scion of Lord Shri Ram’s lineage and Founder/Chairman of Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DGPC), has found himself targeted by unseen forces with vested interests. Retaliating against these ‘unseen forces,’ the Darwin Platform Chief emphasized that life threats and malicious campaigns resulting from political vendetta make him more determined to fight the battle and expose them.

The whispers of conspiracy began years ago, fueled by jealousy and fear of his growing influence in the 2000s. Hailing from a Royal family of Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh), his popularity in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra unnerved many political parties that used to govern. Aligned with sacred lineage, his passion for nation-building and Hindutva made him popular among people and the BJP. However, this antagonized Congress and their current allies. Questions arise: Was the Congress party, in its bid to maintain its hold on power, orchestrating a campaign to tarnish the image of Lord Shri Ram’s lineage? Were media personalities enlisted to propagate a narrative aimed at defaming Ajay Harinath Singh and his family, the last bastions of a revered bloodline?

Accusations of running MLM schemes, misleading investment plans, and controversy surrounding the Lavasa project were mere tools in a larger game of power. Was all this a front for the nefarious designs of political rivals, plotting to eliminate Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh and silence the lineage of Lord Shri Ram once and for all?

Whispers in the political corridors in the last six months indicate that there is not only a threat to damage and destroy the image of the Brand-DPGC and Ajay Harinath Singh, but there might also be a threat to his life as well. There are reasons, based on whispers and malicious complaints, that the entire actions are well-orchestrated by anti-national elements. Sources say that sensing the victory of the ruling dispensation at the Centre, the forces aligned with Congress and its allies have been deploying multiple tools to bring Ajay Harinath Singh down as they are not able to digest his sacred lineage and growing popularity.

‘Unseen forces’ are not very difficult to identify. It is widely believed in the Congress and NCP circles that Ajay Harinath Singh can spearhead the return of nearly 98,000 party leaders and workers who left the Congress block to join BJP. This might happen because the Brand Ajay Harinath is synonymous with the revival of the power of Lord Rama and Hindutva. Political observers say that nearly 98,000 people have left Congress and its allies so far. Probably this upset them seriously, hence a conspiracy to tame Harinath is on with all possible means and tools.

The Lavasa project, a symbol of Ajay Harinath Singh’s ambitions, also became a battleground for political rivals seeking to undermine him. Behind the scenes, whispers of Congress party involvement in orchestrating a smear campaign against him and his family circulated, fueled by a desire to maintain their grip on power. But Ajay Harinath Singh refused to be a pawn in their game. With resolve and determination, he is fighting back against the allegations, seeking justice through legal avenues. Several Courts including the Mumbai High Court have given rulings in his and DPGC’s favor. Despite obtaining clean chits in various legal battles, it seems a political vendetta has been launched to defame and destroy him, sources said.

The shadow of suspicion extended even to DPGC’s subsidiaries, with rumors swirling about dubious practices. Yet, Ajay Harinath Singh vehemently denied these allegations, maintaining that DPGC operated within the bounds of legality. Amid the chaos, Ajay Harinath Singh remained steadfast in his mission to fulfill the dreams of Lavasa stakeholders and nation-building. Plans for a statue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi symbolized his commitment to nation-building and Hindutva ideals, despite the relentless attacks against him.

With Mumbai cops seemingly showing solidarity with ‘unseen forces,’ he faced threats from all sides. As the tendrils of conspiracy tightened their grip, one word echoed through the corridors of power: caution as the DPGC led by a born fighter Ajay Harinath Singh operates within the bounds of legality, paying taxes including GST diligently, and adhering to regulatory frameworks. Nation-building and Ram Rajya remain its socio-political agendas.”

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