From time to time in Japanese TV dramas and comics, there is such a plot that before the supermarket is close to closing, some fresh foods will be reduced in price, and a group of carefully calculated boiled women or cooks will wait for an opportunity to buy special products. However, this episode has not been seen in a convenience store. The original convenience store is not allowed to be close to the arrangement. However, with the new arrangement of the local 7-11, perhaps waiting for the plot of the fold, the future TV series or comics appear.

According to Kyodo News, Japan’s 7-Eleven will allow 20,000 stores to implement preferential measures from the fall of this year. If customers purchase foods near the consumption period, they will receive a 5% rebate. The purpose is naturally to reduce the number of surplus goods and to cut food waste.

In addition to Japan’s 7-Eleven, another convenience store, Lawson, also announced on the same day that the stores in the two counties of Aizu and Okinawa have tried out similar points rebates, and are more interested in promoting them nationwide.

Get discounts on products that are close to the expiration date

7-Eleven offers discounts on about 500 items, including lunch boxes, rice balls and other items with a consumption period of only a few hours to several days. If there are only 4 to 5 hours left before the consumption limit, a rebate will be given. Points can be exchanged for electronic money nanaco. As for the relevant points rebate, subsidies will be provided by the headquarters.

Nanaco is a payment card issued by 7-eleven, the parent company of 7-Eleven, which can be used by 7&I’s merchants after users have earned points.

The store has considered launch but not the headquarters

Since this measure can reduce waste, why are local convenience stores not launched early? In the past, there were also convenience stores to introduce relevant measures, but the 7-Eleven head office made restrictions; the local fair trade committee requested rectification 10 years ago on the grounds of violating the Anti-Monopoly Law.

In the future, even if 7-Eleven’s store offered a discount on foods one hour before the expiration, it would not be approved by the head office and would be dissatisfied with the store.

Why, 10 years later, 7-Eleven and Lawson are willing to make changes, in addition to reducing waste, it is hoped to support the franchise stores that have fallen into tight hands.

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