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Japanese officials say the United States will not limit the number of car imports in the country

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The China-US trade war has warmed up, but the United States also has trade conflicts with Japan and the European Union. Japan’s Minister of Economic Rehabilitation, Miki Kim, said that he has communicated with the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer to confirm that the United States will not limit Japanese auto imports.

“Bloomberg” reported earlier that US President Trump will decide whether to postpone tariffs on Japanese and EU goods before May 18 and may limit the number of cars imported from Japan and the EU.

“Kyodo News” reported that Mao Mumin said to the US that the limit will distort free and fair trade. And Wright Heze also indicated that this request will not be made to Japan.

Trump plans to visit Japan at the end of May, but there is still no pre-visit work meeting. Some sources said that there is an opportunity not to hold a working meeting, but a special ministerial consultation by Wright Heze.

After Trump took office, the United States withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the US-Japan negotiations hoped to bring the tariff situation as close as possible to the TPP level.

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