Louis Koo (Gu Chai) today (20/5) attended the famous French skincare brand event held in Tsim Sha Tsui and raised funds for charities to help poor children out of poverty and improve their lives. Gu Zi said: “This is an event. I hope that I will pay more attention to my friends around me. I will be close to my family and young people. Sometimes I will rush to my own life. I don’t necessarily care about it, so I hope that through this activity, I will arouse everyone’s attention.”

Recently, the city’s resurgence of Snapchat has been published. Many artists in the circle have shared their experiences on social platforms. Even the movie god Gu Tianle has to live and bury a copy. Recently, Gu Zi posted a rejuvenation in IG, which was praised by netizens. Very proud. Gu Zixiao said that when he was a child, he wore thick glasses. The photos were completely different from themselves: “Zhang Xiangyu is my shadow, and Lin Feng is a generous person. After that, I put it up and shared it with you. I know that I have an app. Play with me and share it with you.”

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