Chen Xiaohua

TVB’s new drama “Network Fraud” announced today (20th) the list of actors and the formation, Chen Xiaohua (Hera) is also one of the actors in the series, this is her first filming, she needs to cut short hair for this series. “I have a lot of short hair in my family. I am used to it. I have always been from the fine to the big hair, and I have a clavicle. I am very nervous because I have a long neck. It may not be suitable.”

When it comes to the first filming, she is quite nervous, so she has been stealing the teacher: “I know that I have to shoot the drama. I have crazy sports. I have a TVB drama with me. Police roles, such as Zhong Jiaxin and Hu Dingxin, and later the supervisors told me that the role is the same as me so I will do it myself.”

Hera was the second female lead in the first filming. It shows that the company has a very high degree of reuse for her. Hera is very grateful to the company for cultivation: “I hope I can do my own request this time. (You can do it quickly.) Female one?) So fast, jump to go up and live.”

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