Scarlett Johansson

After Jennifer Lawrence held a low-profile engagement party last week, another goddess announced the closure! “Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson was told by foreign media that she was engaged in a contract with her boyfriend Colin Jost for two years in the US last night. The female manager Marcel Pariseau confirmed that the two had achieved a positive result, but the wedding date has not yet been determined.

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost met in 2006 when Scarlett was hosting “Saturday Night Live,” and he was the screenwriter for the show. Until the two met at the SNL party in March 2017, the foreign media said that they had kissed at least twice at the party, and then they were photographed in New York for dinner. Scarlett went to the beach with the man’s family. In November 2017, the two attended the public event for the first time. Even the premiere of the movie “Avengers: Endgame”, both of them appeared together, and from time to time, they were deeply affectionate. Very sweet!

In fact, Scarlett used to have two marriages in the past and married Ryan Reynolds in 2008. Unfortunately, the marriage between the two was only maintained for two years. Three years later, Scarlett married the French advertising company director Romain Dauriac and gave birth to her daughter Rose Dorothy, but the two divorced in 2017. This time, Scarlett is relatively low-key in terms of feelings. It takes two more years to decide to get engaged. Many fans hope that the goddess will win true love this time.

According to sources, Scarlett’s relationship with Colin has been very stable. It is even blunter that the man respects Scarlett: “They love each other so much. They are very serious about this relationship. They also respect and support everyone’s career. They have never seen Scarlett so happy. In addition, Colin Jost is two years older than Scarlett. He graduated from Harvard University. In addition to being a screenwriter for SNL, he is also a comedian and host. Because of his eloquence, he is also the host of the 70th Emmy Awards. ,


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