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After HBO’s 8 years of gestation, the world has probably trained fans of over 100 million “Game of Thrones”. Under the screaming, the final season (eighth season) finally started on April 15th, Hong Kong time, and yesterday 5 On the 20th of the month, the final episode 6 was aired, and “The Complete Game” was written for “Game of Thrones.” In the final episode, the ratings reached a new high, attracting about 13.6 million people to watch at the same time, breaking the viewing record of 13.4 million viewers in the first episode of the fourth season of The Sopranos. On the other hand, “Power Game” also broke its lowest score in IMDB. The final episode “The Iron Throne” set the lowest diversity of the whole show, with only 4.4 points (10 points out of 10).

“Unexpected version” loses “hacker version” 1000 times!

Can break the highest ratings, which can be reviewed according to the results of the previous “Game of Thrones”, but can go straight down from the record of at least 8 points, showing how the so-called endings of “Power” drama are so popular. feel disappointed. In fact, in the fourth episode of the final season, netizens have already issued a lot of complaints, and the evaluation of the “Power” drama is not as good as before, and some directly point to the previous 8 years of chasing time. Until the finale of the day before the broadcast, there are a large number of netizens who scream “unfinished”!

In fact, in 2017, HBO encountered a guest invasion incident, and more pointed out that the information stolen by hackers included the eighth season of the “Power” drama written together with the original author and the hacker even more HBO extorts $6 million as a ransom for information, otherwise publicly stolen information. As a result, HBO did not commit crimes. The FBI and the US police also intervened in the investigation. However, the final incident was not completed. The so-called eighth season script was once madly transmitted on the Internet. Although the rights fans at that time were very angry and refused to circulate relevant information, after two years, after everyone saw the actual version, this was praised by netizens for a thousand times. The “hacker leaked version” has been revived, or it is a spiritual consolation that the fans can’t bear the “unfinished version” – a hacker!

The leaked version is more like “Game of Thrones”

The final season of the “Power” drama was dispelled, to a certain extent, it was too different from the plot and character traits of the previous seven seasons. In the leaked version, the characteristics of each of the main characters are still fully played. Night King, Jon Snow, Cersei, and the Golden Legion are also caught in the melee in the 6 seasons of the season, rather than the “breaking one by one” in the real version. One of the most fascinating places in the previous seven seasons was that the protagonists met occasionally, and through various “fresh combinations”, various sparks were intertwined. For example, the little devil first met Jon Snow, then returned to Junlin, and then fell in love with Sansa. Re-circulating the East to assist the Dragon Mother, each time brings surprises to the audience, and the leaked version also has a new combination and more sad story. The person who has the greatest contrast with the “real version” is Bran Stark who is referred to as “incompetent.”

Dragon Mother gave birth to “Dragon” for Jon Snow

As the end of the seventh season, all the audience know that Jon Snow’s true identity is the descendant of the dragon Targaryen, but in the early eighth season, the dragon mother is still unaware of it, only to see Jon Snow confused about her sudden alienation. During the period, Longmu was repeatedly absent due to physical discomfort to discuss the strategic meeting against the night king, and there was no such thing as riding a dragon to fight the enemy. Finally, when I heard that Jon Snow personally admitted his blood, the dragon mother did not hate because of love. On the contrary, she understood that the meat in her belly was a straight bloodline, and it would not happen again. After that, the dragon mother returned to Dragonstone to avoid the war and the fetus. However, Cersei sent a gold army to attack. In the case of the majority of the Dragon Mother’s non-grained Legion against the Night King and the Euron Grejoy army elsewhere, the Net King’s few soldiers could not withstand the mighty Golden Legion, while the Dragon Mother played the same, although with the help of Samwell Tarly Still able to continue to deliver, but the dragon mother was killed by a large amount of bleeding, and finally because of her life, after thanking Jorah Mormont, Varys personally ended the life of the dragon mother with broken heart, and her daughter became the future. The person who inherits the throne. However, the dragon’s corpse was brought back to the king by the Golden Legion and was hanged by the Cersei at the gate of the city.

Jon Snow will be buried in the sea of fire

In the eighth season, Jon Snow returned to the Winter City with Longmu and Tyrion, and before discussing the strategy of dealing with the Night King, he was still skeptical after learning his true life from Bran Stark and Samwell, but after Ned Stark’s old After the friend explained, Jon Snow had to believe in his own life, and took the initiative to alienate and conceal the dragon mother, and did not mention to others the experience of his own life. After Jon Snow lost in the face of the night king’s army, he almost lost his life. Fortunately, Ghost rescued him, and suffered heavy losses and lost the winter city. After that, Jon Snow led the army to retreat to the Eagle’s Nest City and carried out the ambush of the Night King. In the middle, he also showed his life with the Dragon Mother. The Dragon Mother and others were evacuated to Longshi Island, and then one of the Dragon Drogon was inherited from the Dragon Mother. Mount. After the night king army arrived, Jon Snow took the dragon against the enemy and succeeded in hitting the night king with the dragon flame. After defeating the night king army, Jon Snow took the dragon to the army to fight against the troops of Euron Grejoy, the Golden Legion and Cersei. Drogon was hit by the poisonous artillery and could not fly. Finally, Jon Snow’s army successfully broke into the army. Jun, but Jon Snow and Drogon, who fled to the Dragon Cave, met Euron in the Dragon Cave for a duel, and Drogon was also besieged by the soldiers of the Golden Legion in the hole, causing a large number of wildfires in the hole, and a big explosion occurred. Finally, both were buried in the sea of fire.

Jaime Lannister kills the night king to avenge Brienne

In the eighth season, Jaime Lannister, who is known as the monarch, also brought with Bronn to the Winter City to fight against the Night King and fight with Brienne. In the Winter City War, Brienne’s entourage Podrick was heartbroken after the death, and Jaime went to comfort and had a relationship. Later, Brienne was killed in the Battle of the Eagles Nest and the Night King. Jaime madly attacked the injured Night King and finally killed him. After that, Jaime went to Junjun with Jon Snow and fled to the Dragon Cave and was burned to death by wildfire.

The role of the three-eyed crow Bran Stark

In the previous season, Bran Stark became a three-eyed crow, and in addition to getting everyone’s memories, he also has the ability to control creatures. In the eighth season and the night king war, because the dragon mother was absent, the three dragons on both sides did not separate you and I fired a lot of soldiers, so Bran Stark took one of the dragons, Rhaegal, against the enemy. Bran Stark was killed by the Night King in the subsequent Battle of the Eagle’s Nest, but his body was finally taken back to the north of the Great Wall by the White Walker and inserted into the Dragon Crystal on the altar. At this time, Bran Stark opened his eyes and showed blue. Eyes, become the new night king, this scene is also the last scene of “Power Game.”

In fact, in addition to the above four protagonists leading the whole story, other characters will form a new combination, the most surprising of which is Sansa.

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