Jujue Joe

Hana’s first personal concert was held today (21st). At this moment, her mood mixed: “I am so nervous, excited, and caring, but I must first train my body. Because it is a good and sharp challenge, I also want to be a good person. I have been working hard for a few days. Colleagues and my boss are supporting me and I feel so lucky.”

The physical energy required to hold the concert was extremely high, so Hana also prepared a challenge for herself: “I must go to exercise because I am too weak and weak because I only want to do it for health and exercise. To become a big body and become a big sport, it’s hard to get along with the painful things, but every time I feel so painful, my brain will sing three words, and it will drive me.”
In addition, the original rumor of the concert schedule belongs to Hu Hongjun, but now Hana is on the top, Hana denied replacing Hu Hongjun: “In fact, I am returning to the director and music director in this period, and I have helped a lot in the period.” I am so eager to be a concert, so I am happy to work with the channel. So in fact, this time I have to wait for a period of time, but I think it is worth it.”

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