The Wrong Car

The film “The Wrong Car” won numerous awards when it was released in 1983. After 36 years, it was performed in Hong Kong as a stage play, and Dillon and 阎奕格 played the role of a father and a daughter. 
As a film writer, Huang Bailu said that “The Wrong Car” was originally a comedy, but on the eve of opening the mirror, Huang Baizhen decided to change into a tragedy and flew to Taiwan to retreat for 48 hours to write a complete script. “Because the new art city In the early days, I mainly focused on comedy. When I was awkward, I simply said that if I could make a tragedy for three minutes, I wouldn’t be able to work. “Getting the wrong car” is the fastest way to finish a script in my life, and the home can certainly be better. However, at that time, it was necessary to catch up with the work, so there was no way to judge the law.” The film was screaming and screaming at the time so that Huang Baiming successively started filming “Why must I have it” and “The Story of Alang”, and made Zhou Runfa and Zheng Zeshi to be the film empire.

The works will be presented in the stage play, Huang Baizhen and the stage play supervisor Gao Zhisen think that Dillon is the best choice. Dillon, who described the classics as a classic, said: “While the social progress of the family, although it is easy to satisfy, but the mind will be empty, “Picture” can fill a part, if everyone screams, you will prove you I have feelings and humanity, and I may be able to find out that I am always good at Muna. In fact, I have to talk about my own system because I feel that I have to lose more words.” Like the heroine in the play, she performed in the previous year. After the “Fengyun 5D musical” Kong Ci corner, as if to open up a new world, she has the confidence to challenge the “A” corner: “I will compare with Ami in the movie, because each one is individual, but I think it can I will embed my own experience.” 阎奕格 said that although there are more or less pressure on the seniors, she believes that if it is not a good thing to stay in the comfort zone, it can turn pressure into motivation so that I can Do it better.

The dumb uncle in the play is dumb, relying on the bottle for the generous channel. On a certain day, he saw the abandoned baby Ami, determined to raise the other person. Although Ami grew up, she became a red-skinned singer, but she was farther and farther away from the dumb and uncle… I asked that I was already a father, and that I could have a sense of distance with my son, and Huang Baizhen was fortunate. Aberdeen is a filmmaker, there will be conflicts when playing the script, but it is absolutely normal. “Oh, first of all, if you listen to the sun, you may not be good, but there will be sparks in the process of generosity. If you are in the drama, you will be affectionate, so you will affect your feelings.” During the visit, Dillon used salted fish. Cabbage to describe the type of film, and said that he prefers a natural theme: “There are many deliberately twisted or weighted, and the audience is attracted. I am an electrician, that is, a film worker, I want to do it. Electric insects, that is, movie parasites, a lot of garbage, a lot of garbage, and a dish to make money, to feed themselves to fool the audience, the system is terrible.” Dillon knows that everyone needs to forage, but hopes to be reasonable and refuse Comment on whether there are a large number of electric insects in Hong Kong film.


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