After the release of the live-action movie of Disney animation “Aladdin”, the word of mouth is not bad. After many years, everyone revisited this classic work. In addition to evoking many childhood memories, the story of the new film and the changes in the characters also brought surprises to everyone.

I don’t know if you have any leaks. In the new movie, Iranian-American actress Nasim Pedrad plays Dalia, the waitress who has been with the princess. This time, there are also many plays, and they are quite stealthy. I found this “Duolan” and TVB female artist Wang Junxin collided and crashed, very funny!

There are many changes in the plot development and characters of Aladdin’s live-action movies and classic animated prints. Among them, you may not find that the “Jasmine Princess” in the old animation works was originally the only female character. This is even a surprise to Naomi Scott, the live-action movie version of “Jasmine Princess”. Naomi has mentioned in her interview: “In the animated version, Princess Jasmine was the only female character. Isn’t that crazy?”

The new character “Dora” is laughing in the play.
This live-action movie has specially added a new character – “Dalia”. As a prostitute and girlfriend who often stays with the princess, this role is very important. In addition to being the princess’s best friend, she can give her advice. She is also a male-dominated movie, playing another female character who has the right to speak. The most trusted of Princess Jasmine in the castle is her pet – the tiger “Rajah” and the maid “Dora”. In the play, the two people have sparked a lot of sparks. For example, in this section of the play, for the main married person, “Duolan” said: “You only need to marry him, you don’t have to talk to him.” laughing out loud. In addition, “Duo Lan” and the light god Will Smith have love, it can be seen that she has a lot of drama.

The Iranian actor Nasim is a comedian who
plays the role of “Dulan” Iranian-American actor Nasim Pedrad, 37, a comedian. Since 2009, he has joined the American comedy show “Saturday Night Live”, which is a resident actor on the show. He has also dressed up as a man in his work, which is very fun and funny. In addition, she also has guest appearances in different movies and TV series. The fans who are clear-hearted may feel that she is good.

This is a prostitute with Wang Junxin.
In this “Aladdin”, she plays the prostitute of Princess Jasmine. She is cheerful and straightforward and has many opponents with the princess and the fairy lantern. However, some netizens found that Nasim and the big actress Wang Junxin (Grace) collided with each other. They felt that the appearance of “Duolan” was a bit like Wang Junxin, and then listened to the sound of the sound, and felt that she even sounded like Grace, and the same high-pitched sound came. A little delicate. Even if Grace is not speaking English, her voice line and Nasim are really similar. I am interested in listening to the sound line when I talked about Grace in English. I heard that the bottom is not like.

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