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The current vice president Yu Weiwen took over the position of the president

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Yu Weiwen

The Chief Executive of the HKMA, Chen Delin, will retire in October. Who will come to pick up this important position and attract market attention. The latest news from the market, Yu Weiwen, vice president of the HKMA, is high.

“Sing Tao Daily” quoted sources as saying that the selection committee led by the Financial Secretary Chen Maobo is generally inclined to accept the post of president by Yu Weiwen.

Although the HKMA is still engaged in global ball recruitment, the report says that as long as there are suitable candidates within the HKMA, it should be promoted internally. As for the two “candidates” in the bureau and the same as the vice presidents of Guo Guoheng and Li Dazhi, the report said that the former had already revealed to people that “no chance”, the latter is too shallow. As for the “Dark Horse” Deputy Chief Executive of the Securities and Futures Commission, Mr. Leung Fung-yee, the report is also not considered.

Yu Weiwen joined the HKMA in 1993

Looking up the information, Yu Weiwen has deep experience. He joined the government as the Administrative Director in 1986, joined the HKMA in 1993, and was promoted to Vice President in 2007. He is very familiar with the affairs of the HKMA. Yu Weiwen is responsible for the management of the nearly $3 trillion in Exchange Funds. Therefore, many of the experiences of dealing with the media have long been regarded as the “hot candidates” of the President of the HKMA.

However, “Sing Tao Daily” also pointed out that the market has another circulated version of the successor candidate for the HKMA, saying that according to reliable sources, there are senior government officials who intend to drop candidates from the air to break the inherent culture of the HKMA. The name has been submitted to Beijing. , pending the central draw. The nominated candidate may be a senior banker.

At present, it is estimated that the government will announce the next president of the HKMA in June and July, but the final position of the president will be spent, and the film “Age” will be seen.

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